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Doggy Dessert Chef
Publisher: Doggy Dessert Chef - recipes for delicious dog treats and biscuits along with other doggy fun
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    Publisher: Doggy Dessert Chef - recipes for delicious dog treats and biscuits along with other doggy fun
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    Welcome to Doggy Dessert Chef, my adventures in cooking for those who really appreciate my efforts, My Dogs! I’ll share my own dog treat recipes as well as others I’ve found along with any other information I come across about dogs and nutrition. I love cooking for my dogs, and they love that I cook for them, so I just thought I’d share :) Are you a Chef? Yes and no, mostly a whole lot of No. I’ve never received any training or cooking/baking instruction and truth be told I’m probably one of the worst cooks you’ll ever meet but my dogs think I’m brilliant and that’s what matters. It doesn’t matter how it the treats look, how many tries it took you to get them right or how many times you set off the smoke detector your dog thinks you are the greatest Chef in the word and that’s what counts. In the eyes of our dogs we’re all the greats Chefs and with a little time and effort we can all earn the title of Doggy Dessert Chef. business & media When I heard of the dog treat recalls, and of the dogs dying from those tainted treats I realized one of the things I used to reward and show love to my dogs was no longer safe, and that I probably wasn’t the only one who felt that way. That’s when I started baking for my dogs, and sharing those recipes with others who wanted to do the same. I’ve been sharing my recipes for dog treat and biscuits since May of 2009 and I’m sure I’ve made a lot of owners feel a lot better about what they feed their dogs, and a lot of dogs fat and happy. What I offer: Professional Recipe Development. I would love to develop and recipe that suits the needs of your brand or product. Sponsored Posts. We offer product reviews, giveaways and special promotions . Let us share your business in blog posts.
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