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    Blogger Hi! My name is LaaLaa, I'm 25 and I live somewhere in Bedfordshire. I'm a professionally trained make-up artist who is obsessed with criminology. Animals are a big part of my life 12 pets and counting... Dreaming of being a Californian girl. In my younger days I wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid, dreamed of the long red hair and throw in the tail fish cos I live within water. If I was to list everything I wanted to do as a career it'll be never ending but my top ones consisted of, actress, model, wrestler, make-up artist, solicitor and fitness instructor - gym owner. Enjoying music of all genres especially on vinyl - oh em gee, reading especially true crime and biographies. My beliefs, anti-animal cruelty, vegetarian. Attempting to be Sally Homemaker, finding it pleasurable to cook my meals from scratch. I've became quite a cinephile as of late, best way to lose myself is within a film. I'm your typical 90's MTV girl, I enjoy wasting my time watching Beavis & Butthead, Daria & Celebrity Deathmatch. Could watch South Park & The Office US for the rest of my life. Blog For 4 years I dedicated Dolce Vanity to beauty. After winning the 2012 Cosmo Blog Award for Best Established Beauty Blog. I've now decided to expand that and hold more of a variety. As much as I love make-up it's not the pinnacle of my life right now. Call it a quarter life crisis! My daily life, thoughts, beauty, cooking, health, fashion & hobbies will be included on here to give me of a space for me. I've had such a great 4 year run as a beauty blog, I want to expand myself and let my blog be mine. Dolce Vanity is a beauty/lifestyle blog independently run by me, LaaLaa. I am a graduate of AOFM (Academy of Freelance Makeup) Since October 2008, this blog has offered varied topics from beauty, celebrities, fashion, mental health, personal issues & more. Advertise Advertising is now available on DolceVanity.com for blogs & online shops. I reserve the right to decline any advertising offer if the content does not fit this particular blogs extensive criteria. Payment will be through PayPal. Please read the advertisment page for more information on packages & costs.
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