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    Advertise Advertising here is like telling your most gossip-y friend a secret and telling her not to tell. Yep, everybody’s going to know about it. Domestic Executive Online is full of people who are fabulous and sparkly! Why would you NOT want to advertise here? We don’t do text ads. Graphic ads start at $50 a month. Send an email to michelle@domesticexecutiveonline.com and we’ll get started. Be sure to include MONEY as a subject line so I’ll actually read the email. If you want to send me your most fabulous product (send non-perishable food because my kids are hungry) or send me big bottles of glitter, I might share it with my readers if it reaches the fabulous* mark. *fabulousness is subjective. Send it here (this is a PO Box, not my home and my best 350 lb,who works out often friend BUBBA picks up the mail): Michelle Kay, Domestic Executive Online 13377 California Rd #88 New Troy, MI 49119 If you are in LOVE with everything about me and wish to view my Media Kit for more details and pricing, please feel free to request one by emailing email to michelle@domesticexecutiveonline.com or fill out our contact form here!
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