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Publisher: Donnies Bottles - Original Designed Gift Bottle, Wedding Gift Ideas, Birthday Gift Ideas
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    Publisher: Donnies Bottles - Original Designed Gift Bottle, Wedding Gift Ideas, Birthday Gift Ideas
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    Our Mission here at "Message In A Bottle" is to enhance lives around the Globe, and to connect people with this Unique gift. Sharing their thoughts, feelings and words from the Heart. To express Love, Good Wishes, Acknowledgement of Accomplishments, and just plain Happiness between Family and Friends. Partial or Full Custom Designed Bottle Admired for their Individuality and Elegant Design. Each Bottle will give you the look, quality, and character, to enhance any occasion. We offer endless variations of design to provide the look and charm you desire to express that Special "Message" to your Special someone! "Custom" Features available upon request to make a more personalized statement. Share with the Artist your specific design elements and we will work with you to make those ideas a reality! Custom Design services are our specialty for any Occasion. Your Bottle gift "Occasion" personally dated, and each Bottle sequence numbered. For a true "One-of-a-Kind" gift classic, we date and number each individual bottle on the bottom. There will never be another "Message in a Bottle" with your personal number on it...Ever!! Bottle Neck - Twine wrapped with our "Message in a Bottle" label & company statement. Each bottle is individually hand wrapped with twine, securing and displaying our label that is individually hand burned on the edges for our distinct look. Your Personal "Message" to the gift receiver. Submit your personal "Message" or use one of our pre-written "Messages" or combine them both! To complete your "Message", we will print it on beautiful parchment paper. Hand burn the edges, hand wrap it in twine for authenticity, and insert it in the bottle. Individually Numbered Signature Label Personal Custom Features Original Design Gift Contents *EXTRA FEES* $10.00 - $20.00 INQUIRE WITH ARTIST $39.95 each USD Shipping & Handling of your Bottle Gift ​E​ach "Message in a Bottle" Gift is carefully wrapped and packaged to insure safe delivery from "Donnie's Bottles" to your door. ​Single Bottle packages ship for $10.95. 2 - $12.95; 4 - $14.95.
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Donnie Abbott
2825 Aldrich Dr. Cumming, Ga. USA 30040 #678-641-4408
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