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Free classified ads in Moscow and region
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Dear friends! We would like to tell about our project
Bulletin Board - a website where you can post your ad - similar to a bulletin board or newspaper Free classified ads in everyday life.
On the internet there are countless free advertising board. Cluttered contextual advertising banners and flickering - they all seemed to come out from under the hand of a would-be author. I enjoy these boards? We do not! So we decided to offer you a new life.
Comfortable, clean, normal in every sense of the word a bulletin board. This should be what and board in our view. And this is not a monopolist dictating prices for placing ads. Now, after the unification of many bulletin boards, you do not have much high-quality alternatives for placing ads.
We tried to make the place. We have a free advertising platform and simple registration, which is also free. Site Categories include
Real Estate ,
transportation ,
Services ,
Work ,
Business ,
Appliances ,
Hobbies & Leisure ,
and other sections.
How to create an ad.
1. Determine the purpose of your ad,
for example, selling a home (real estate), an invitation to the partners (business) or hiring
2. Create Text Ad
3. Placement on the electronic bulletin board
How to make the text of the ad
shorter ads, the greater the likelihood that it will read, react and be interested. Follow the rule: The meaning of any commercial proposals can and should be put in the declaration of 100-120 characters.
The main goal of each ad, is to bring the information to the reader. On how well-written and informative message depends on its effectiveness. I will touch on a few points which, in my opinion, are fundamental in the preparation of the announcement.
Do not hurry with the publication of the ad, first in a text editor, make a text header and define the category that most suits the theme of your message.
Check the text for errors.
Your ad text must be written without spelling and punctuation errors, clearly express your thoughts and be aimed a specific audience.
Do not try to write classified "for all", it will not bring the desired effect, and can only scare away readers.
Classified considered bad form, written in one (lower or upper) register.
Do not use abbreviations in the text of the ad, it complicates perception, and some readers may not make out what word you cut.
Do not write too long and boring texts, they are difficult to understand and do not bring the desired effect.
Title - is the most important thing in your ad, it is headline attracts readers interested. It must be as short as possible, as much as possible to express the main idea of ​​the message. In most cases, headers ads are indexed by search engines, which means that your ads will be able to go directly to the people from search engines. Ads that title does not correspond to the content are not effective and cause only irritation readers.
Place ads in the sections which most directly relevant ads. Do not place the same ad in multiple partitions, it is not effective. However, if the subject of extensive ad, the ad text and the headline should be adjusted according to the selected partition.
Contact Information
The most important components of the ad is its contact details. In the ad text or special field form feed ads, you need to leave your contact information. In today's bulletin boards is usually: phone, e -mail, Web-site, if such a field exists.
Ads can be placed in all the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and others.
Please use our service and do not violate the Rules
Free classifieds is your free advertising on the Internet. We are confident that our board will help you as the sale of private things, and doing business and offer services. Post Free Ads have a very simple!

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