Dubna is located between the Volga, Dubna and sisters in the north suburbs, and more precisely in 125 km from Moscow.

Deviation from the Moscow time clock: 0
Geographic Latitude: 56 ° 44 '
Longitude: 37 ° 13'
Area 6336 ha
Population 67.8 thousand.

Russian Government decision in 2001, the city was given the status of science city of Russia.
December 21, 2005 in the city is building a special economic zone "Dubna".

Driving directions can be in Dubna from Savelovsky station by train or brand express trains; by bus from the metro Savelovskaya (with area Savelovsky station);
personal vehicles (from Moscow to Dmitrov highway turn). Maps of Dubna near Moscow and will help you navigate the trip.

First, reasonable professional historical research and a thorough study of archival documents mention settlements on the site of modern Dubna find in Dubna materials Public Foundation "Heritage" in the works of local history LF Jidkova and E.Krymova

In the article "The periodization of the historical geography of the Dubna region» Villages Novgorod feudal republic on the left bank of the Volga attributed to the beginning of the XI century. Old Russian fortress city of Dubna (Dubn) Rostov-Suzdal principality according to chronicles existed in our area with 1134 by 1216.
As part of an independent principality with Kashin 1382 by 1426 on the right bank of the Volga, the village was located on the Mound Dubna mouth.

Dubna myto (customs post) in the XI - XVI was in the possession of the Grand Duchy of Tver, then with the land oprichnina Ivan the Terrible.

Before the revolution in the place of the modern city were Podberezye village on the left bank and the village settlement with villages Aleksandrovka, Ivankovo, Yurkino, Kozlaki on the right bank of the Volga. After a period of collectivization, these settlements were included in the collective farms.

In autumn 1933 the construction of Moscow-Volga Canal begins. This is a complex hydraulic structure consists of the outer harbor, concrete and earthen dams, hydroelectric and Ivan'kovskaya Ivankovo ​​reservoir with a storage reservoir area of ​​327 square kilometers, the gateway, the tunnel and the track channel length of 128 km. The problem of water supply in Moscow and its status as the capital of five seas was solved Dmitlag forces concluded by the end of summer 1937. Big Volga as one of the districts of the science city of Dubna today, in those years was a working village head channel node builders.

In the same 1937, the left bank of the Volga begins construction of a workshop №30 Savelovsky Aviation Plant ( "Thirty"), later the legendary Dubna Machine-Building Plant, on 10 July 1939, it was the birthday of the DMZ. By order of the Minister of Aviation Industry №1010 dated October 12, 1951, in the DMZ is organized by the OKB-155. This date is the birthday of the famous "Raduga".

After the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) in a tense international situation, the Soviet government adopted a decision on scientific papers in the field of the atomic nucleus. The question of the choice of building a powerful cyclotron decided at a meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee at the Council of Ministers of the USSR of 7th August 1946. The secret protocol № 25 of the meeting of the Special Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR the first question read: "On the choice of the construction site of the powerful cyclotron."

It was made a decision: "To approve from among the comrades Commission. Vannikova, Vavilov, Wechsler, Pervukhina, Zhimerin, Kabanov, Borisova, Alekseenko, Komarovsky and Mintz as a platform for building powerful cyclotron area Ivan'kovskaya HPP. "

Scientific and technical guidance construction installation "M" the government's decision, signed by Stalin imposed on the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, in person at the Academician Vavilov and professors Skobel'tsyn and Wechsler, and the organization of integrated design, manufacturing and installation of the installation "M" - The Ministry of the electrical industry in face Kabanova and Meshcheryakov.

Construction work on the construction of the installation of "M" and the lab when it is assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (Kruglov, Komorowski).
Head of the construction of the plant "M" (construction №833 Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR) appointed Major General Lepilov AP

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on July 24, 1956 right-bank Dubno village (after Dubna) Kalinin region moves to the city of Moscow oblast subordination. Left Bank village Ivankovo ​​from 1958 to 1960 the village of Bolshaya Volga were Ivankovo ​​city Moscow regional subordination. Only 13 December 1960 the two neighboring cities were merged into a single town of Dubna, Moscow Region.

By the end of the sixties in the national economy has increased the need for nuclear instrumentation products, and plants Minsredmash, release it to the needs of private industry could not enforce this. As a result of this situation the leadership Minsredmash was decided to set up its part of the special sub-sector nuclear engineering. Glavatompribor was created. So in 1968 Instrument Plant "tensor" is born in Dubna.

Another highly intelligent enterprise Dubna - Scientific-Research Institute "Atoll". It was created in 1976 as a leading developer of lighting systems positional sonar underwater and surface conditions. In production areas and water testing sites performed the complete cycle of works on creation of new products and objects of maritime control. The company also develops and manufactures ground seismic acoustic equipment and surveillance system.

The history of the construction of the Center of Space Communications is rooted in the years of Soviet preparations for the Olipiady-80 in Moscow. Preparation for construction of the facility "Azimut M-2" (SCS-2) began in 1974 after the approval of the International Olympic Committee decision to hold the XXII Summer Olympics in Moscow. During the difficult weeks of searching space for the construction of a new head of the DSO object (RMS-9) Gafurov AG and Ph.D. Bykov VL It has been inspected many parts of the land near Moscow. Choosing stopped at the site of the shore of the river Dubna, which on the outskirts of nuclear physicists. January 31, 1980 issued an order of the Minister of Communications of the USSR NV Talyzina for №67 "On acceptance of the completed construction of space transceiver stations on the subject" Azimut-M ", the new station" Azimut-M-2 and retrofit existing plants "Azimut-M" and "L-azimuth". Another high-tech enterprise with a good prospect of development poured into the CPP Dubna.

Research Institute of Applied Acoustics (NIIP) has the status of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) and is one of several major research institutions, engaged in the development of modern high technologies for the military-industrial complex of Russia. As with other similar institutes, the Institute has a very serious funding because it provides research and development for a number of important sectors of the military industrial complex.

You can mark 13 public and 4 private schools, vocational schools, high school, branch of Moscow State University and MIREA, International University of Nature from Dubna educational institutions, society and Man "Dubna". In the city of 23 pre-school institutions.

For physical training and sports dubnentsy can make use of the sports complex "Rainbow" pools "Archimedes" and "Karasik" stadiums "Science" and "Wave", gyms JINR and "Ruslan", an indoor skating rink in the park family holidays, ski slopes, stadium for water sports, sports facilities, schools and universities.

The forest and water resources of the city - a great place for tourism and recreation. Then you and the picturesque banks of the Volga, sisters, Dubna, and channel them. Moscow and bays Ivankovo ​​reservoir and a wonderful air of pine forest.
The cozy quarters Dubna full of various buildings. Surviving is still yellow dvuhetazhki, Stalin's home, the Finnish houses in the pine forest park, houses the institute's scientists, modern skyscrapers. Hospitably opened the door a wonderful hotel and restaurant complex in Dubna.

Prepared by Sergei MOUNTAINS

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