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    HELLO. MY NAME IS... Once upon a time, I was a single girl in the City of Angels hoping to make it as a writer, but instead I wasted away at jobs that crushed my soul and made me want to be a recluse. And then I met Carl. We eloped in Vegas and I pushed a kid out of the way so I could beat him to the Skee-Ball area at Circus Circus. We got pregnant and I cried. We haven't even been married for 6 months yet, I yelled. could still fit into my jeans then COULD STILL FIT INTO MY JEANS THEN We had a little a girl and I was freaking out the first two years of her life. We moved away from Los Angeles to South Florida and to this day, I can still taste Los Angeles on my lips and daydream about a life in my beloved city. That first pregnancy sucked and I swore I didn't want to get pregnant again, but then 12 months later, we were pregnant again because I really relished throwing up all the time and growing to be the size of a small elephant. And my brain tends to forget about things like pain and misery. We had a little boy and I was freaking out for one year of his life. Six years go by. And one day, I called Carl on the phone, crying - We're pregnant again - what did you do? And now I never get any sleep AND NOW I NEVER GET ANY SLEEP Three kids later, I'm still swearing at inappropriate times, I won't hesitate to cut you if you eat off my plate and I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys cleaning poopy diapers. My name is Rhana Kennedy - I may need some help.
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