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Publisher: Tiger Times: The student news site of Dunnellon High School
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    Publisher: Tiger Times: The student news site of Dunnellon High School
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    Dunnellon High’s journalism program dates back to 1946. Before then, the small number of students coupled with a paper shortage due to World War II made printing a yearbook a luxury that Dunnellon residents could not afford. While the first students might have met as a club after school, student journalists now earn credit in a journalism class at DHS. All four levels of journalism students (I through IV) work together during two class periods. There are about 30 students creating not only a yearbook, but also publishing this online newspaper and submitting work to the local Dunnellon-area newspaper, The Riverland News. Dunnellon journalists are active in the Florida Scholastic Press Association, and have won many awards in recent years. In 2013, in addition to many All Florida and Excellent designations, Alexandria Bowers earned first place at State in Mixed Company, Stevie White earned second place in the Tom Pierce Portfolio Project (photography), and Rachel Horne earned first place for her Student Life story on a student’s fight with cancer. At the 2013 Yearbook connection Summer Workshop, Laura Riley earned first place interviewing/caption writing, and the group also earned first place in both marketing and theme development. Students in journalism today are not just assembling a scrapbook of photographs. Journalism is constantly changing, and our staff is always looking for new ways to adapt to that change. Yearbook pages are designed and completed on the computer and submitted electronically, and the newspaper is not paper any longer, but what you see here online. If you would like to support the DHS journalism staff, we would love to have your business advertise in our yearbook or purchase a book for your office or for a student who cannot afford one. Please contact us if you can help! - See more at: http://www.dunnellontigertimes.com/about/#sthash.NGlcQnOD.dpuf
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