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Publisher: How to Earn Money Online | Ways to Make Money Fast Online with Earnmailer
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    Publisher: How to Earn Money Online | Ways to Make Money Fast Online with Earnmailer
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    How earnMailer benefits you About Member Like the name suggests, earnMailer lets you earn from your emails. You use that everyday so might as well earn from it, right? How it works? The code we ask you to embed on your email signature contains a unique tracking code. e-Commerce ads will be displayed in your email signature and if anyone clicks on the ad and results to a successful purchase transaction, you earn a commission. Simple. As a member, you get to: install code on multiple email accounts set preferences on the kind of ads seen track how much you've earned so far About Advertiser According to Pew Internet, search and email remain the two online activities that are nearly universal among adult internet users. An estimated 92% of online adults use email and 92% also use search engines. earnMailer allows you to display banner ads when people send emails to their friends and contacts. How? earnMailer members install an ad code in their email signature and once the ad code is saved, banner ads are dynamically served on their outgoing emails. It's an effective way to promote products and services as ads get displayed inside personal emails. As an advertiser, you get to: enjoy high ad visibility over peer-to-peer messaging monitor campaign results real-time pay only when there's a successful transaction For advertising inquiries, please email us at info@earnmailer.com or contact our authorized partner, Hatchd Inc., at info@hatchddigital.com.
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