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Publisher: eat, knit & diy living the home sourced life
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    Publisher: eat, knit & diy living the home sourced life
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    Some of my earliest memories are of baking. My mother taught my sister and me to make christmas cookies to give to our relatives as a way to learn to joy of giving. It also introduced the joy of baking. Years later, I made my first apple pie with a friend from her mother’s recipe. Over the next week, I made twelve more, tweaking the recipe each time. I have also taught myself to knit, crochet, sew(again, mom’s help). Outside of the kitchen, I have renovated a loft, building kitchen cabinets, closets, walls, and a little plumbing. I have painted more rooms than I can count.(And am about to paint another one with a whole wall stencil. Stay tuned). When not busy remodeling my little pocket of the world, I spent a long time as a photographer.(yep, that’s a self portrait). Then I met the man, had the wedding, and four years ago, the CHILD. That’s when I realized I still didn’t know how to cook. SO in typical apple pie fashion, I tackled that. This blog is a journal of all my projects, recipes, how to’s. If you want to know how to do something, I have probably figured it out. If I haven’t, ASK ME! I’ll give it a shot. And it’s the answer to the question that most SAHMs(that’s “stay at home mom” to you non breeders) hear on a regular basis: What do you do all day? And yes, I still make the christmas cookies. I am aiming to make 2,000 this year. I’ll be posting the recipes if you want to join me. I am Krista Winters. And this is my blog.
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