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Publisher: Where to Find the Best Local Food on Your Travels | Eat Your World
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    Publisher: Where to Find the Best Local Food on Your Travels | Eat Your World
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    Launched in December 2011, Eat Your World is a guide to regional food and drinks around the globe founded on the principle that what you eat depends on where you are. Our mission is to spotlight foods and drinks that are native or traditional to particular places around the world—and tell readers where to find them. Whether you’re in Bologna or Nashville, we believe that tasting the distinct foods and drinks of a destination is absolutely essential to experiencing it, as they illuminate that region’s unique culture, history, geography, and lore (in tasty edible doses, no less). In this context, “distinct foods” also includes those that are locally grown, sourced, or made, as local soils, waters, and climates are likewise inextricably linked to local foods, traditions, and the people consuming them. Our umbrella covers everything from “typical foods” to regional handcrafted beers. We tell readers what to eat in a given location. And though EYW revolves around food, not restaurants, we always state where to find the foods and drinks we feature. Street vendors, bakeries, holes-in-the-wall, high-end restaurants: EYW doesn’t discriminate if the food speaks to the place in which it’s found. We also provide recommendations for how to burn it off because, despite what appears to be a penchant for BBQ, beignets, and empanadas, we are huge proponents of a healthy lifestyle that incorporates lots of physical activity (and eating those delicious things in moderation). Finally, we recommend where to stay—after all sleeping, like eating, is essential to any trip. EYW is powered by the ambitious appetites of Laura Siciliano-Rosen and Scott Rosen, a travel-food writer and photographer who have long counted eating new foods in new places—whether a faraway country or an unexplored restaurant down the street—among the greatest pleasures in life. Since launching in late 2011, Eat Your World has shown an average growth in visits of 35% every month in the ever-expanding niches of local food, food photography, and international travel.
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