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Publisher: Econsultancy | Achieve Digital Excellence
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Econsultancy arms a global community of over half a million marketers and ecommerce professionals with the research, data, analysis, training, events and online resources they need to enable them (and their organizations) to succeed online. http://ecly.co/1ox0NIw

Digital doesn’t stand still and nor do we. We’re known for being at the forefront of the industry, with a renowned team of analysts, trainers and advisers who focus their digital knowledge and experience on helping our customers overcome their specific challenges.

Our award winning reports, training and insight can help you improve your online and multi-channel marketing. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional, or are just starting out and want to ace your marketing exams, Econsultancy can help you.

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With more than 250,000 subscribers worldwide, Econsultancy is an intelligence resource for digital marketers, dedicated to helping you do everything better online.

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    Publisher: Econsultancy | Achieve Digital Excellence
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    Below are the advertising opportunities that currently exist with Econsultancy to get your product or services in front of a highly qualified audience of digital marketing and ecommerce professionals. As well as our events, the Econsultancy web site has 220,000+ registered users and subscribers, 300,000+ unique users per month and our daily newsletter has over 90,000 opt-in readers. Site Advertising Find out about our site advertising to get your product or service in front of the 220,000+ registered users and 300,000+ unique users per month who use Econsultancy.com. Email Advertising Consider email advertising in our 335,000+ Daily Pulse emails each week. Press Release Distribution If you want your press releases on Econsultancy.com to reach our 300,000+ unique users per month, including many journalists, as well as appear on Google News and other news aggregation sites, then use our Press Release distribution service. Supplier Directory Full Profile If you want to drive both awareness and leads for the products or services you provide then you should certainly get a Full Profile in our Supplier Directory. Sponsored Surveys Each month we survey our entire user base on a different topic. Sponsoring a survey gets you unrivalled awareness amongst our registered users and subscribers, gives you great data for PR and marketing, and generates leads. Event Sponsorship Our flagship events attract the very best in the industry. If you want to get your brand in front of this exclusive group then event sponsorship has proven very effective.
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