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    A warm welcome to our kitchen. This is our place to make and churn memories, discoveries and explorations, and a lot of learning. And I am here to share all of these with you. Indian Cuisine is diverse and delectable, but not difficult. Cooking is an art that began early at home for me, while I listened to the stories of food and family from my ma and my grandmas. I belong to the state of West Bengal; an eastern state in India that is hugged by the ocean on the south while the majestic Himalayas border around the northern edge. The husband hails from the royal state of Rajasthan, which is far across from mine at the west. As you can imagine the food we cook in our home is a fusion and adaptation of what we both grew up with and cherish. The saga of Indian cuisine is not just of “curries“; there is so much more. The mystery lies in the fact every state of India and even every home have their own recipes. It is a long and exciting journey to discover them all. Food cooked at home is healthy, balanced, comforting and aromatic. The flavors are deep and amazing and magic of spices reveal not the fiery heat as it is usually looked upon, but a way to arouse your senses. Come along with me as we explore the cuisine and also amalgamate – all from a homely kitchen built with love and stories.
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