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We are Edmonton's most trusted voice, providing a professional perspective on news, business, sports and entertainment that's read by more northern Albertans than any other daily newspaper.

Since our inception on November 11, 1903, the Journal has striven to deliver content that’s relevant, informative, and engaging to our core readership. Our dedication to provide news and information to the community remained steadfast throughout the last century, and will endure into the new century and beyond. Although our commitment to our core mission is unchanging, what is changing is how we are providing this news and information to our readers. We strive to deliver our mission of relevant and reliable news to our readers whenever and however they want. This includes traditional print medium along with the many new and dynamic media our readers demand. Our community is growing and evolving, and we are growing and evolving along with it while fulfilling the original mission created over 100 years ago.

Our commitment to the community is evidenced not only in our local news and information coverage, but also in our long-standing involvement with many local charitable organizations such as the United Way Alberta Capital Region, the Edmonton Food Bank, and many others.

Visit edmontonjournal.com for further information, or peruse our numerous options for providing content!

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    Publisher: Edmonton Journal | Latest Breaking News | Business | Sports | Canada Daily News
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    Edmonton Journal Advertising Information and Rate Cards Dynamic. Innovative. Exceptional. Three words that capture the essence of the Edmonton Journal. We are a team committed to our readers, our advertisers, and our community. We strive to provide our readers with innovative content and compelling visuals; our advertisers with dynamic advertising content and exceptional customer service; and, our community with a strengthened commitment to Edmonton's enduring sense of pride. WHY ADVERTISE ONLINE For over 100 years, the Edmonton Journal newspaper has stood as the face of Edmonton. Readers have looked to us not only as their primary provider of news, but have relied on us as the best source of information. Our website, EDMONTONJOURNAL.com, provides updated news and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a leader in digital media, the Edmonton Journal aims to bring breaking news along with interactive advertisements to those who want to be informed as events unfold throughout the day. Utilizing both print and online is valuable to our advertisers as both serve different purposes, yet enhance each other's role in the purchasing cycle. WHY EDMONTONJOURNAL.COM In the sophisticated Canadian media market, smart consumers expect retailers to have an online presence. There were 27.7 Million Canadians online in December 2013. Ninety-five percent of online Canadians (25.1 Million) visited News and Information sites in December. Newspaper websites (sub-category of News and Information) had over 17 million unique visitors in December 2013, spending an average of 31.6 minutes per visitor on newspaper sites.
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