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education REPUBLIC’s [edREPUBLIC] mission is to empower and inspire people by sharing news articles of education, educational services and events in K-12 elementary and secondary system throughout the U.S.

edREPUBLIC engages educators, parents, administrators, philanthropists and community organizations using social media to become more involved in the lives of children ages 0-18 for the purposes of education reform.

Aubrey Priest founded edREPUBLIC in 2011. His passion has always been equal opportunity in education and sustained educational reform which is what motivated the creation of this online news site. His vision is to utilize web applications, the internet and social networks to transform human interactions and reshape the cultural landscape of k-12 education.

edREPUBLIC exists because we are optomistic about our nations educational future. The vast majority of Americans believe our broken system can be mended. A substandard education will result in a substandard nation. Therefore, we must do our part to make sure our education remains viable as it is the critical construct that will either move our nation forward or into collapse.

When we ( as a society) are successful and education reform is evident in every district, region, city and state, our children will know we gave them the greatest gift of all, a world class education.


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    Publisher: edRepublic-Education Reform, One Post at a Time
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    ADVERTISE Why advertise with edREPUBLIC? K-12 Education In 2009–10, there were about 13,600 public school districts made up of over 98,800 public schools, including about 5,000 charter schools. During this time, there were about 33,300 private schools offering kindergarten or higher grades. More pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are expected to enter U.S. public school systems than ever before. Enrollment In fall 2011, over 55.4 million students will attend public elementary, private and secondary schools. Of these, 34.9 million will be in prekindergarten through 8th grade and 14.5 million will be in grades 9 through 12 while 6 million will attend private schools. Teachers As of fall 2011, Public school systems employed about 3.2 million teachers resulting in a pupil/teacher ratio of 15.5. This ratio is lower than the 2000 ratio of 16.0. Close to 0.5 million teachers will be working in private schools this fall, resulting in an estimated pupil/teacher ratio of 12.9, which is also lower than the 2000 ratio of 14.5. Expenditures Public elementary and secondary schools spent about $525 billion for the 2011–12 school year. Marketing When advertising with the edREPUBLIC you will be marketing to teachers from private, charter and public schools which has far-reaching effects. Teachers naturally influence their students and their students’ parents. Educators personally spend over $11 billion in credit card purchases annually. School districts are playing much more of a hands on role in determining expenditures. Superintendents, principals, teachers are more affluent, tech-savvy and are early adopters of technology with more disposable income than ever before. They are also concerned with how to be more efficient in their personal and professional lives. Parents who visit the edREPUBLIC want what’s best for their family – and will buy the products and services that fit that goal. Parents that are involved are harder to reach – spending more time with their children and online to shop, gather news or entertain themselves and are spending less time watching TV. Parents, school districts and educators are resourceful, tech-savvy and want the latest technology, software, products, and services to help them better serve the academic needs of their students while also strengthening their own personal and professional development. Source: Digest of Education Statistics 2011 Inquiring about advertising with edREPUBLIC? To better get to know you and your interests please share with us some information about you. Such as: 1. Who is your target audience? (Please list all that apply) District Administrators School Based Administrators Teachers Technology IT Analysts for School Districts Curriculum and Instruction Management Professional Development Management Other_____________? 2. What is your product/service or category? (list all that apply) Books Assessment Grants and Awards Advocacy and Associations Technology Classroom Materials Fundraising Financial Services Instructional Materials Online/Distance Learning College/University School Safety Professional Development Educational Equipment Infrastructure Systems Software/Hardware Tutoring Student Information Systems Other_____________? 3. What are your marketing goals? (Only list a maximum of three goals) Sales Trade Shows Product Launch Direct Response Branding List Development Focus Group/Survey Market Expansion Purchasing Cycle Support Other_______________?
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