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EnjoyCompare - What will you Compare Today!
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EnjoyCompare is an Asian comparison site focused on credit cards, loans, home loans, car insurance, travel insurance and broadband comparison in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

At EnjoyCompare users can review the latest products and services to find the best deals, EnjoyCompare is the most comprehensive comparison website specializing in finance and utility services. Our easy to navigate website is geared to empower users to find the best deals, while ensuring brands have the opportunity to be part of the decision making funnel.

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  • Desktop Display, Email, Mobile Display, Social
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    EnjoyCompare - What will you Compare Today!
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    If you are looking to compare credit cards, loans, hotels and flights, you’re in the right place! At EnjoyCompare we provide a one-stop-shop of useful, easy to understand information about a range of financial and travel related products. The website features promotions from all the major banks in Singapore – including HSBC, Citibank, Maybank and many others for credit cards and loans, as well as the majority of hotel and flight providers. Enjoy compare is an independent information provider and is not a bank or financial services provider. Therefore we cannot give direct financial advice, we can however provide an open marketplace for you to compare Singapore credit cards and loans easily.
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    enjoycompare.com enjoycompare.hk enjoycompare.my
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    Car Insurance Users & Seekers

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