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Publisher: Hollywood, Florida | Discover Hollywood, Florida
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    Publisher: Hollywood, Florida | Discover Hollywood, Florida
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    Hollywood, Hollywood Beach Boardwalk Hollywood, Florida is home to the top seaside boardwalk in Florida, the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, according to a 2013 poll by USA Today with help from Dr. Beach. The boardwalk was also ranked as one of the 2013 Great Places in America for Public Space by the American Planning Association, and one of the Top Boardwalks in America by Travel and Leisure. Enjoy 7 miles of beautiful Atlantic beach, world-class resorts and fine dining, hotels and lodging for every budget, unique shopping and restaurants, spectacular event and entertainment for all ages. Residents and visitors alike love the old Florida vintage feel of Hollywood, while enjoying all the modern conveniences of Florida's 12th largest city. Hollywood Beach Boardwalk consists of a 2.5-mile-long, terracotta-colored Beach Boardwalk borders almost one-fourth of Hollywood's 7 miles of pristine beach. The boardwalk's village-like feel is popular with beachgoers because of 3 oceanfront parks that feature playgrounds, paddleball courts, ping pong tables, interactive water play fountain, picnic pavilions, and clean restrooms.
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