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Publisher: Palm Beach, FL | Discover Palm Beach, FL
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    Publisher: Palm Beach, FL | Discover Palm Beach, FL
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    Palm Beach, Florida was rated as one of the Top 10 Beaches for 2013 by the Travel Channel, and Worth Avenue is rated #3 in USA Today's 2013 "10 Winners of Favorite Iconic American Street." Known as "The Gold Coast," the Palm Beach area is not only famous for its perfect beaches. Palm Beach is known the world over for exquisite hotels, legendary resorts, meticulous mansions and gardens, historic architecture, superior restaurants, world-class shopping and quaint boutiques. Advertise Contact us for more Advertising information and to sign up. Custom advertising plans are available. Premium Business Listing Premium Business Listings appear above Standard Business Listings, receive premium support including creation of a custom Premium Business Page that doesn't have ads, and much more. See the Comparison Chart for Business Listings. Apply for a Premium Business Listing, including upgrading your Standard Business Listing. Header Banner We include your graphic in the header. After you send us a high resolution image, we create the banner image with your business information. Featured Image Gallery We include your photo in a selected image gallery on the Home Page, Things To Do, Places To Stay, or Services. When a user clicks the thumbnail, a larger image opens that can include up to 30% text, along with a text caption below the image. Notes: These photos appear on all devices. Participation in the Featured Image Gallery is available first to Premium Listing Members, then Standard Listing Members, then non-members. Ads in Right-Hand Column and at Bottom of Page We include your Ad in the right-hand column of pages (300x250px), or the Banner Ad at the bottom of pages (728x90px). When clicking on an Ad, the user is sent to the selected web page.
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