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    Why Advertise with EntertainmentXP.com? Do you need to build awareness? Do you need to target an unique yet large demographics. Entertainment XP is an excellent value for your advertising budget. Entirely devoted to the urban culture, EntertainmentXP.com is widely regarded as one of the top community website on the Internet. This online community attracts thousands of users every day by offering inside stories on artists, downloads, photos, exciting scheduled events and much more. Please use our contact us at 703.445.6201 or email advertise@entertainmentxp.com if you would like to inquire about advertising opportunities on EntertainmentXP.com SERVICES ·Banner Ads Banner ads are one of the most effective way to advertise with us. We offer a wide variety of banners which are strategically placed at various spots on the site to maximize your advertising potential. ·Email Campaigning EntertainmentXP will provide emails to our subscribed members for your specific adveritings needs. ·Photo Coverage EntertainmentXP provides most of our clients with photography coverage of an event. If your event has not been covered by an EntertainmentXP photographer we can be requested to do so. ·Audio Commercials On various places throughout the site and via our affiliates companies we offer audio commercials. ·Video Commercials On various places throughout the site and via our affiliates companies we offer video commercials. The image below is an example of where some of our ads are placed on our website. For every ad placement, you can either click on the ad to purchase (if stated) or use the "Order Now" link below the current ad.
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