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Publisher: Erica Finds... — On the lookout for the next new thing & the best deal!
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    Publisher: Erica Finds... — On the lookout for the next new thing & the best deal!
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    Contact/Sponsor Contact Me I would love to hear your feedback or learn what you are looking for. If you’re interested in having me “find” something you have or writing a review, please email erica@ericafinds.com. I am almost always willing to try something new – especially races and exercise classes… oh yes… and healthy snacks! After giving an honest review, I would be happy to host and promote a giveaway! If you are interested in sponsoring the site (me posting your ad or link), please scroll down to to the bottom of this page to learn more. Please contact me at erica at ericafinds.com or @EAgran on Twitter! Send Me a Message Name * Email * Message * Verification Please enter any two digits *Example: 12 Sponsor Me! You can run your ad at Erica Finds. My ad shop is at Passionfruit. See rates and availability HERE or contact me at erica at ericafinds.com for more information. Please note: I reserve the right to decline sponsorships from products that I do not feel are aligned with my content and beliefs. BlogHer Ad Network AdChoices | Advertise | Privacy Subscribe to ericafinds.com via Email Chicago Running Bloggers Chicago Blogger Network Esprit de She Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador ZOOMA Ambassador Badge 2014 Kindrunner Ambassador Windy City Blogger Collective Member Cocogo Ambassador Logo Web 72 2014-Badge1_zpsf3d33819 ambassador5 Picresized 1368029488 rw logo horizontal standard (1)Banner ad Oku adbanner2 finalSwirlgearba Categories Charity Deals Fitness Food Giveaways Health Money Musings Running Sponsored Travel Wellness
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