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    You can advertise your company and products on our website for $9.99 (199 Birr) only. Once you have subscribed to our service, we will display your products and services on major Ethiopian websites listed below without extra payment. These websites have more than 35,000 viewers per day and up to a million visitors in a month. 1)SodereTube.com (12,000 viewers/day) 2)Sodere.com (8,000 viewers/day) 3)AmharicTube.com (8,000 viewers/day) 4)EthiopianTube.com(2,000 viewers/day) 5)DezeTube.com (2,000 viewers/day) 6)EthioProfessionals.com (1,000 viewers/day) 8)DebreZeit.com (500 viewers/day) 9)AddisFlix.com (500 viewers/day) We are signing up more websites and the list is increasing. The top 5 countries by traffic source are U.S (51%), Ethiopia(28%), United Kingdom 7%, Saudi Arabia (4%) and UAE (3%). Sign up for a month risk free and we will guarantee to display your *ad on our site and the above websites. You can cancel anytime in the first month and we will refund the money. No question asked. Sign up for one month and try it.
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