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Exposure Basketball Tournaments
Publisher: Youth Basketball Tournament, League, and Camp Services
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    Publisher: Youth Basketball Tournament, League, and Camp Services
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    Exposure Basketball Tournaments, founded in 2011, was based on a single tournament, the adidas Super 64 back in 2005. The founder of Exposure Basketball Tournaments ran the tournament website by keeping it updated manually. This started to become a burden each year with the number of teams increasing, and therefore improvements had to be made to the website each year. Eventually the tournament ran without his help by having score keepers at each location update game scores and having everything automated. This gave immediate information to coaches, players and fans without delay. Exposure Basketball Tournaments wants you to take advantage of our platform for your event also. Mission Statement Our mission is to be a one stop shop for coaches, players, fans, and the media for up to date information on any youth basketball tournament.
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