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Welcome to the LinkedIn company page for Toronto’s fab magazine.

In print and online, fab seeks out the most fab people, places and trends and reports the findings with flair. From nightclubbing to gallery hopping, from page to stage, from fashion to the big screen, fab has been Toronto’s gay men’s cultural and lifestyle magazine since 1984.

In print, the bi-weekly glossy magazine's highly visual format is a big draw. Our listings in print and online are the definitive roundup of gay must-attends in Toronto.

Special editions include our underwear issues, real estate issue and music issue.

With a circulation of 25,000 and an established readership of over 45,000 readers per issue, fab's playful tone appeals both to younger readers and to those with a strong urban sensibility - and to advertisers.

For more information, contact salesfab@fabmagazine.com

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    Publisher: FAB Magazine
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    About Us Fab 2 Carlton Street Suite 1600 Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3 Tel: 416-925-6665 Fax: 416-925-6674 Contact us Submissions and letters to the editor are welcome, but we are not responsible for unsolicited material and cannot acknowledge receipt. We do not consider anonymous submissions. Produced in Canada. &copy ;Pink Triangle Press. No unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the publisher. Fab is published in print in Toronto every two weeks by Pink Triangle Press ISSN:1704-3166 Publisher & Editor in Chief: Brandon Matheson Editor: Phil Villeneuve Copy Editor: Lesley Fraser Listings Editor: Drew Rowsome Pink Triangle Press founded 1971 Directors: Jim Bartley, Gerald Hannon, Glenn Kauth, Didier Pomerleau, Ken Popert, Gillian Rodgerson Honorary Director: Colin Brownlee President & Executive Director: Ken Popert Publisher & Editor-at-Large: David Walberg Chief Operating Officer: Andrew Chang Pink Triangle Press is a mission-driven corporation without share capital, with offices in Toronto and Vancouver publishing fab and Xtra and operating guidemag.com, squirt.org.
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