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Publisher: Breakfast, appetizer, and dinner recipes |Favorite Family Recipes
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    Publisher: Breakfast, appetizer, and dinner recipes |Favorite Family Recipes
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    Favorite Family Recipes started out as a way for us sisters to swap our favorite recipes. Turns out, there were other people out there who wanted to get in on our recipes too! We are always happy to share our recipes whether they are recipes that have been passed down through our family, recipes we have learned from the families we have married into, or new recipes that we have created or tried. None of us are fancy, professional chefs by any stretch of the imagination. We just love delicious, home-cooked food that is easy to prepare and that our families will enjoy. Echo- Echo is the big sister of the family. From the time any of us started talking, she has been our go-to for all of our problems and drama. She is the nicest, most kind person you will ever meet and is always willing to lend a helping hand and a listening ear. Of course, she is an amazing cook and is a pro at making “skinny” food taste delicious. With a degree in accounting, Echo runs the business side of our site. We would all be lost without her! Besides being a busy mom of 4, working part-time as an accountant and working on the website, Echo enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, watching her boys play sports and listening to her daughters sing. Elise- Elise isn’t what you would call your “typical soccer mom”… she is also a die-hard football mom, basketball mom, hockey mom, and volleyball mom rolled into one. We don’t know how she does it! She, herself, is an impressive volleyball and basketball player. She played basketball in college where she met her husband, who was playing baseball at the time. It’s no wonder why all of her kids are so sporty! Elise is our family’s “dessert queen”. When she says she is making a treat, somehow we all magically just appear at her doorstep. I am pretty sure the real estate has gone up in her neighborhood because her desserts are seriously THAT good and she is always willing to share. Emily- Emily definitely has the most refined palate of us sisters. While living in the San Francisco Bay Area, her appreciation and love for food grew to a whole new level. She loves trying fun, new food then re-creating it and sharing it with the rest of us. If ever we need a good restaurant recommendation, we call her! She knows all of the good restaurants and what to order! Emily is also our family’s artist. She even has a website with some of her artwork (click HERE to see it)! It is no mystery why she is so good at creative food plating and photography! In her spare time, Emily loves traveling, trying out new restaurants, and doing recreational photography. Erica-Erica is the baby of the family and knows how to get what she wants… it was impossible to say no to those big brown eyes! She is a go-getter and always on the run with creative and fun ideas. She keeps us all on our toes! Erica is a fabulous cook with a real knack for figuring out how to make our favorite restaurant entrees and desserts at home. We all suspect Erica won her husband’s heart through her cooking prowess. The two of them love cooking so much, they even took cooking classes while on a cruise – which was lucky for us because they shared their recipes with us when they came home. We owe many of our beautiful recipe pictures to Erica’s mastery of food photography. Erica enjoys travel, biking, hiking, waterskiing, photography, food, and knitting, and most of all being a playful and adventurous Mom to her two beautiful little girls. Devin- Did you know that we have a brotDevinher among us? His name is Devin and we adore him. Poor guy, born right smack in the middle of 4 GIRLS! There should be an award for that or something. Devin is actually quite the cook himself! He is an expert at grilling, BBQ, Dutch oven and smoking (smoking as in “smoked ribs”). From time to time we will post a recipe of Devin’s so keep on the look-out for them because they are awesome! One thing Devin is known for is his AMAZING Super Bowl parties. He takes great pride in his “Super Bowl Spread” as he should.. his spread is definitely always more successful than his Cowboys!
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