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Publisher: Feed Me Phoebe | Food and Recipe Blog of Chef Phoebe Lapine.
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    Publisher: Feed Me Phoebe | Food and Recipe Blog of Chef Phoebe Lapine.
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    Phoebe here. Thank you for stopping by! I’m a 28-year-old cookbook author, private chef, culinary instructor, recipe developer, blogger and caterer, born and raised in New York City, where I continue to live and eat. Feed Me Phoebe is where I document my kitchen confessions, healthy comfort food, gluten-free finds, snap shots of my professional cooking world, miscellaneous shenanigans, and all the reasons why every dish tastes better when shared with family or friends. Above ease and self-sufficiency, I believe that feeling good about your body and your food, is the most compelling reason to get in the kitchen and get cooking. You’ll notice that I preach a balanced diet, which means eating a lot of good with a little bad. It’s not a highly scientific theory, but I believe that kale lasagna is better than no lasagna at all. Have a burning cooking question? Feed it to me and I just might feature your issue in my What’s Eating You? advice column. That’s what friends are for, right? About Phoebe I currently live in a cute little studio in Chelsea, where I constantly bang my head on the ceiling of my sleeping loft. After graduating Brown University in 2007, I was hired by L’Oreal, where I worked in global marketing and developed women’s fragrance brands for Ralph Lauren. It had its perks – like, taking home drawers full of lipstick – but it wasn’t my passion. To balance my day job with my love of cooking and feeding friends, in November 2008, I co-founded a food website for twenty-something cooks looking for user-friendly, affordable ways to navigate their kitchens. The site spawned my first cookbook, In the Small Kitchen, which was published by Harper Collins in May 2011, with a foreword by Ina Garten, who’s Food Network Show, The Barefoot Contessa, I’ve appeared on three times. In the Small Kitchen is now in its second printing. My early childhood years were spent eating rock candy at the Cowgirl Café in Greenwich Village, and deciding which flavor éclair was my favorite in Paris. Later, I learned to cope with snack food sourced from the local health food store in Westchester County (where there were no éclairs). Finally, I discovered the magic of takeout on the Upper West Side at age 8, when I told my parents I never wanted to move again. There are plenty of things that might make me, as my dad has put it over the years, kind of a “wacky gal.” The key to my heart, a close second to a good foot massage, is a parchment paper cone of very crispy French fries (classy, I know). I do a lot of things backwards. Like, I literally read magazines back to front. I enjoy animal impressions. I have a fear of fruit. I can’t sleep unless all the doors in the room are closed, tightly. I eat an unhealthy amount of mayonnaise. And I used to do musical theater (enough said). I’m an avid traveler, and have lived in Rome, ridden across the plains of Patagonia on horseback, taken cooking classes in Marrakesh, traveled by elephant in the hills of Thailand, and semi-successfully fought off a group of twelve-year old muggers in Seville. About The Food If I had to describe my cooking, and I should probably try to do that, I would say it’s healthy comfort food. I usually combine influences from my travels with fresh ingredients from the Farmer’s Market, to serve up dishes that are creative, tasty, and, most importantly, make you feel as good as they are good for you. My diet philosophy is not to eliminate any aspect of your cravings. The dishes I make as part of my Balanced Diet column are main courses that not only hit all the food groups, but are also deeply satisfying. A little fat and a handful of carbs probably aren’t going to make you fat. Depriving yourself of the foods you love just might. Since I found out I was allergic to wheat in May 2011, I’ve tried to find recipes that use ingredients that are naturally gluten-free. Some decent store-bought substitutions – like quinoa pasta and Udi’s bread – are great to incorporate. But since so many people these days eat gluten-free, it’s just as important for non-GF folk to have some great dishes in their arsenal that don’t require obscure ingredients or 10 different types of flour. The recipes in my Gluten-Free Is Me column are accessible to anyone, not just those glutards who have xanthum gum in their pantry. Press and Things I’ve been seen eating truffle pasta and blueberry muffins on Ina Garten’s The Barefoot Contessa. Occasionally I pop up on Better TV and the New York area morning shows. In September 2013, Feed Me Phoebe was recognized by Food & Wine Magazine as part of their first annual Digital Awards. I’ve been a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Food52, Serious Eats, The Daily Meal, LearnVest and Shape Magazine. My recipes, writing, and cookbook have also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Food & Wine, The New York Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, O! Magazine, and Glamour, and online by Time Out New York, Saveur, Brides, Paper, Tasting Table, and Design*Sponge. I appeared as a contestant on BBC America’s Chef Race: UK vs. US, executive produced by Jamie Oliver, and was the last American woman standing. For a full list of Phoebe-related press, click here. You can also request a media kit and information about paid sponsorship opportunities on this site by contacting me here.
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