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Publisher: An Easy Method of Republishing Blogs and Feeds
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    Publisher: An Easy Method of Republishing Blogs and Feeds
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    Advertise with FeedSweep FeedSweep offers selected advertising and sponsorships. We serve millions of FeedSweep widgets per month spanning global audiences to niche interests. We accept text-based advertising and sponsorships across the spectrum of our network, or on any individual widget. We also appreciate affiliate offers that would be relevant to our partners and profitable for our business that adhere to the following In-Text Advertising Guidelines & Standards: FeedSweep In-Text Ads will always be clearly identified as an advertisement with the word "Advertisement", "Sponsored", or "Ad" clearly displayed above the ad. FeedSweep respects the privacy of the individual and does not require the use of personally identifiable or behavioral information relating to an individual user. FeedSweep In-Text advertising is powered by a publisher-side technology with the permission and support of publishing partners. The code is installed by publishers into their sites and does not require any additional code, Adware, or Spyware to be downloaded or uploaded by a user. FeedSweep In-Text advertising links will go directly to the identified advertiser web site as denoted by the URL. FeedSweep does not work with Adult advertisers and serves only advertising messages and copy that is in accordance with national advertising guidelines.
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