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Web Publisher: digital alliance of publishers and advertisers who are shaping the future of digital advertising
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Firedoglake is an online news site featuring original reporting, commentary, and political organizing hailed as "the most principled liberal blog." Founded in 2004 by Jane Hamsher, Firedoglake is consistently ranked as one of the most influential political blogs.

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    Web Publisher: digital alliance of publishers and advertisers who are shaping the future of digital advertising
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    Firedoglake Group is a digital alliance of publishers and advertisers who are shaping the future of digital advertising. Armed with deep technical expertise and with real-world experience of political and brand advertising, Firedoglake Group provides its partners and clients with competitive ROI, expedient services, from a helpful, experienced and friendly staff. SERIOUS PUBLISHERS Our partners are serious people. Offering daily and even hourly news, insight and opinion on the issues of the day. Our partner publishers put out quality content that – by its very nature – engages readers. Our publishers’ valued and cherished product is Thought. As for engagement – it’s in our DNA. SERIOUS AUDIENCE Have we mentioned “engagement?” The Firedoglake Group reader is more likely than most to stay on site, click internal links to multiple pages and to click links to other sites within our multi-faceted alliance. Readers engage by commenting, forwarding links to friends, posting links on their social networks, etc. They download mobile apps to read their favorite sites on the go. They sign up for newsletters and they read them. Odds are that you have your favorite political news, commentary and/or issues of the day sites. And odds are that you visit them frequently and behave just as described here. Who is the Firedoglake Group audience? Nearly every politically engaged American. CREATIVE SPECS We accept the following standard IAB ad units and specifications: 160×600 pixels max Tower 40k max initial file size 300×250 pixels Billboard 40k max initial file size 300×600 pixels Half Page 40k max initial file size 728×90 pixels Leaderboard 40k max initial file size User-initiated expandables, as well as user-initiated audio, is accepted Video pre-roll is accepted In some cases, we can accommodate other innovative creative options (i.e. skins, sliding billboards, corner peels) Sponsored content may be negotiated Trafficking and reporting through DFP (ad testing, geo-targeting, frequency capping) FLASH FILES For flash files that we agree to host directly on our server: Please be sure to send us a .jpg/.gif of your ad as well as a landing page url for those readers not accepting flash files. This ensures maximum reach for your campaign. Please keep file sizes under 65kb. If you need a creative option you don’t see listed here, be sure to contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.
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