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Publisher: Find Fishing Guides, Fishing Charters, Fishing Outfitters, and Fishing Lodges | Fish-Now
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    Publisher: Find Fishing Guides, Fishing Charters, Fishing Outfitters, and Fishing Lodges | Fish-Now
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    Advertise on Fish-Now.com Does your current advertising get lost in the mix? Is bidding for search engine placement getting too expensive? Would you like to advertise your services to a broader market? Are you looking for channel that provides fishing guides, outfitters, and charter captains with a significant return on their advertising investment? These are all reasons to join Fish-Now.com – the Internet’s fastest growing site dedicated solely to fishing guides, outfitters, and charters. No long term commitment. Proven Results. Advertising on Fish-Now will do two things for you business, guaranteed: bring you more business and make you more money. However, we just don’t accept anyone on Fish-Now. Advertising members must meet strict criteria regarding the profession of fishing guide, outfitter, or boat captain. Contact Us to Advertise Why join Fish-Now.com? Fish-Now.com is the most thorough and fastest growing site on the Internet focused solely on the fishing guide, outfitting, and fishing charter industry. Fish-Now.com covers each town, city, county, State and Province in the United States and Canada. Other countries will be added in the near future. Joining the Fish-Now.com Network allows you to take advantage of our aggressive marketing strategies and advertising in nationwide magazines as well as online, relieving you of the high costs associated with traditional advertising or the common pay-per-click models offered by search engines. Our marketing knowledge, along with our rich content drives large amounts of traffic to Fish-Now.com and keep clients coming back to educate themselves and find reliable fishing guides, outfitters, and fishing charters. Reserve your Position on Fish-Now.com Fish-Now.com is First Come, First Serve. This means that those fishing guides or outfitters who sign on first in their state or county will get the top spot in their region of service. We limit the number of advertisers in each region and rotate your listing in the ‘Featured Fishing Guide’ space, maintaining your competitive advantage over other guides in your area. There are no bidding wars that lead to exorbitant advertising costs. A number of top positions still remain, but space is selling fast. Call (877) 396-3883 or email info@fish-now.com to secure your position today. Low Cost. Great Results. Fish-Now.com’s advertising solutions are designed to get your phone to ring. For many of our advertisers, one phone call covers their annual advertising costs on Fish-Now.com. Whether your guide or outfitter service serves a number of states or covers just a few acres, Fish-Now.com offers advertising programs that generate new business for you. Fish-Now.com offers our advertisers top placement in all major search engines under localized fishing guide service queries, offsetting the high costs associated with pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) ads. Fish-Now.com ranks high in both organic and paid search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Looksmart and all other major search engines and web directories. Requirements to Join. Fish-Now.com strives to be the most used and most trusted source on the web for locating fishing guide and outfitter service providers. We predict that thousands of prospective clients will rely on Fish-Now.com on a regular basis to find quality guide services. Therefore, it is our goal to include only experienced and qualified fishing guides and outfitters on Fish-Now.com. We attempt to accomplish this in a number of ways: All members take part in a phone interview with a Fish-Now.com representative. Member must have at least 2 years experience in guide service. Applicants are required to submit 2 letters of recommendation from previous clients. Letters of Recommendation can be submitted online or via fax: Upload a Letter of Recommendation No Long Term Commitment! Proven Results! Want your phone to start ringing more? Contact Fish-Now.com for advertising rates in your state, providence or region. Phone: (970) 449-9937 Email: info@fish-now.com Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8am to 6pm, MST
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