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    Publisher: FoodFitnessFreshAir
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    I am a very hands-on person and love to create. I’ve always expressed this through playing around in the kitchen, and as I grew older, messing around with a camera in my hands too. Both activities hold very dear spots in my heart. What I enjoy most about cooking is that the options are endless. In the kitchen, there’s rarely room for boredom. Fruit in my summer rolls? Why not. Sesame tahini in my cookies? Even better. For me, cooking is all about experimenting, reaching beyond my basic know-how, and letting whatever’s fresh be my inspirational guide for the day. Though I love creating new collaborations of ingredients, I also run on simplicity. I’m a busy lady, as I’m sure many of you can relate. Between teaching evening yoga classes, post-work runs, photo gigs and late night bike rides, there’s only so much time in a given day. Efficiency goes hand in hand with the amount of fun I can fit into 24 hours, and often it’s the simplest dishes that taste the best anyway. As I navigate my way around the grocery store, garden, and into the kitchen, I aim to keep health/nutrition on my mind. A healthy body is a happy one, and many of the necessary elements to ensure this are derived from food. But trust me, there’s definitely room for items like dark chocolate (and a considerable amount of peanut butter) in this equation. Moderation has always been my motto, and this is where that comes into play. Ya feel me? I follow a pescetarian diet that errs on the side of vegan (meaning my diet consists mainly of meatless meals with the occasional addition of seafood). This is my personal key to a happy mind and body. As a yoga teacher, I’m also a firm believer that balance and optimism are the keys to life, and attribute a daily dose of sunshine and Fresh-Air to keeping me sane. When I’m not creating art projects in the kitchen, you can catch me cruising on my bike with my camera strapped to my back. Currently, I reside in Philadelphia and am on a mission to meet as many people, take as many photos, check out as many coffee shops, and hit as many local eateries as one girl could possibly handle. Come say hi if you’re ever in the area!
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