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    About Freely Homeschool and Lori “We”are a homeschooling family with four children, ages 11, 14, 17, and 19. We are homeschooling our sixth grader, freshman, and junior. Our eldest graduated from homeschool and is now at a four-year university, pursuing a psychology & leadership degree. “I” am Lori Seaborg, a mother, wife (of 22 years!), and the writer of this blog. Our four kids At FreelyHomeschool.com, I prove that a high quality education can be obtained by all. There is no obstacle too great! Here, I post 100% free educational finds, deals for homeschoolers and parents, and articles on how to creatively educate a child (this is my favorite topic). One goal is to prove a high quality education can be free. I don’t have a problem with paying for education. I’m just trying to remove one obstacle - finances - from those who think they “can’t” give - or get - a good education. Even if you don’t have money, you can still have knowledge. Isn’t that a beautiful truth? Another goal is to prove that you do have what it takes to homeschool. We are all homeschooling to a degree. All of us! Start with "A" and "1," and learn with the child. Make memories! I'm so very thankful for the beautiful education our now-college-student had at home. I'll show you how to help a child keep his or her love of learning. We don’t receive compensation for the daily posts; we just want you to know about them. We receive compensation for some sponsored giveaways (always disclosed), and we place a couple of ads in the sidebar. When you purchase curriculum or books online, you help us by purchasing through our links here or by clicking on an ad. I hope you don’t mind. It helps us keep the site up! MY TOP POSTS If you are new to my site, you might want to start with my most popular posts. Two Free Preschool-Kindergarten Curriculum Choices Five Sites Offering Free Full Curriculum for K-12 Our Most Popular Finds for Elementary Grades Our Most Popular Finds for Middle Schoolers Our Most Popular Finds for High Schoolers You can also check my blog’s archive for a list of every post I have written (scroll down to see the categories) or use the search function in the top left sidebar to find other posts that might be of interest. HOW FREELY EDUCATE CAME TO BE In 2004, Hurricane Ivan directly hit our Gulf Coast area. Our family endured losses during that time, of a job, things, and ...peace. A few people helped with food (and the Tennessee power guys helped out with a bag of Snickers for the kids!), but the greatest help came in the area of education as somebody reached out two hands full of generosity. As soon as we were back on our feet, as a "pay-it-forward" thing, I started a Yahoo! group called FreeHomeschool. There, people could post 100% free educational products they wanted to give away to anyone who may need just that thing. The only charge allowed was shipping. FreeHomeschool grew in 2 years to over 3,000 members. Meanwhile, shipping costs rose, hurricane memories faded (Katrina was in 2005), and the freebies offered by members fell by such a large margin that for the most part, I was just posting free educational finds I'd seen around the Internet. I thought it would be easier to archive and more pleasing on the eyes to move the group to a blog format. I also wanted to reach out to all educators including parents & teachers who aren't homeschoolers, so I named the blog, Freely Educate. In 2011, we added Frugally Educate to highlight “exclusive discounts and exceptional deals for families who love to learn together." That site did well, but it was overwhelming keeping up with two blogs. In 2014, I decided to merge the blogs and rename the site to Freely Homeschool .com Thank you for supporting Freely Homeschool by visiting, commenting, emailing me with finds, or purchasing your teaching materials through our links at FrugallyHomeschool.com. No matter what you do - even if you just come by and read - you're helping us get the word out that education can indeed be for anyone, no matter the obstacle. We're proving it. MY CONTACT INFORMATION Do you want to pay-it-forward, too? Email me with freebies you've found, for advertising, review & giveaway information, or just to send a little encouragement. I love hearing from you! Also, follow Freely Homeschool on Twitter or on Facebook.
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