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Front Porch Forum's mission is to help neighbors connect and build community. We do that by hosting regional networks of online neighborhood forums.
Common sense and a growing body of research tell us that well-connected neighborhoods are friendlier places to live, with less crime, healthier residents, higher property values, and better service from local government and public utilities.

My wife, Valerie, and I founded Front Porch Forum in 2006 to serve our hometown of Burlington, Vermont. Amazingly, more than two-thirds of Burlington households subscribe to FPF now. Members have shared hundreds of thousands of postings among nearby neighbors about all sorts of topics: lost dogs, car break-ins, plumber recommendations, school budgets, block parties, helping neighbors in need, and much more.

The seed for FPF was planted in 2000 when Valerie and I wanted to meet and get to know our own neighbors. We started a precursor to FPF then, and it boomed in our own "Five Sisters" Burlington neighborhood. Check out our current coverage area, including our recent Vermont expansion.

What we found then is now playing out across all Vermont towns... once people have an easy and safe way to communicate with neighbors, they will! And that simple act adds up. The cumulative impact can be huge... after months of FPF, people often report feeling more connected to neighbors, more tuned in to local goings on, and more a part of their community. And in many cases, people then become more active... organizing a group yard sale, mentoring a local kid, volunteering for a park clean-up, voting on election day, etc. That's what FPF is all about!

Thanks for checking out Front Porch Forum!

-Michael Wood-Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder

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    Your Neighbors Are Talking! Get Your Business Connected with FPF Advertising How do FPF ads work? Every day we publish tens of thousands of e-newsletters filled with neighborhood news. Your message can reach all of Vermont, or you can target hand-picked towns. Tell us where and when and we'll deliver your message! See what FPF's advertisers have to say! Running for office? Working on a campaign? Then you should check out our new FPF Paid Campaign Posting option. Simply want to post on your local FPF e-newsletter and appear in the FPF Business Directory? Click here to learn about free or paid FPF Business Access Plans. What do I get? • Geo-targeted advertising • Click tracking and reporting • Customized package to fit your marketing needs • Presence in daily neighborhood-level conversations • Connections with consumers who care about community See what kind of response FPF can deliver... FPF has over 600 advertisers and many of them are repeat advertisers. Here is what some of them have to say: "Honestly, we try to refrain from just using FPF as a marketing tool... but virtually all of our business has come from people on the forum!" - Patti Delaney, Backdoor Bakery "We book with FPF because we feel it's a great, cost-effective way to reach local consumers who are actively engaged with their communities and looking to support local businesses/organizations."- Elisa Garcia-Rey, Karen Fahey Advertising See More! Act today! Our limited ad inventory sells out quickly so book now to get your preferred dates. Ads run by the week, Sunday to Saturday. Inquiries? Jodi, Suzie or Wendy are ready to assist: localbiz@frontporchforum.com or 802-540-0069 x1. Wait... What is Front Porch Forum? Haven't heard of FPF before? See how 120,000+ members are using it across Vermont. Check out this brief overview from our partners at the Vermont Council on Rural Development for a primer on how people use Front Porch Forum.
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