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    Publisher: All things games in Asia
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    About Us Asia is big. Its place in the world, even bigger. Games in Asia is an online gaming media site dedicated to reporting and reviewing everything related to video games and gaming in Asia. We have team members based across all over Asia and even in the US, but we’re all united by our love for games and our interest in the games that Asia is creating and playing. Games in Asia is an offshoot of Tech in Asia, a news site that’s focused on the tech sector and startups. We originally covered games on TiA, but we’ve long felt that Asia needed a dedicated gaming site, so we teamed up with the guys from GameSaku and GiA was born. We love to write about everything related to games in Asia — both the games that Asian companies are making and the games that Asian gamers are playing. We love everything from casual mobile games to hardcore esports competitions, and we’re going to cover all of that — and more — here on GiA. Please bookmark the site and check back often, as it’s still a work in progress and we’ve got some very exciting things planned as our team grows. If you want to get in touch, you can email us or add us on Facebook and Twitter. Our Reviews Every game we review is scored using the same rubric, with a score of ten representing a perfect game and a score of zero representing the worst game ever. One thing you should know is that we don’t do score inflation; an average game may score a four, five, or six in our rubric; some very good games will get sevens and eights. We realize this is going against the grain a bit as the common practice in gaming media seems to be that anything below an 8 is awful, but we think that having the middle-of-the-road score (five) be truly average will help give you a better idea of which games are the best and how these games compare to each other. (That said, though, these review scores are just our opinions). If you’re an Asia-based game developer want to get your game reviewed, simply get in touch and let us know. If you’re a game developer who’s not based in Asia and would like to get your game reviewed, you may want to look elsewhere. There are a billion sites about global gaming, but we’re focused on Asia here and we intend to stay that way, so unless your game has a strong Asia connection or hook of some kind, we’re probably not going to review it. Our Staff Chief editor – Charlie Custer Editor – Mary-Anne Lee Staff writer – Xairylle Schauiaezach-Lucena Staff writer – Iain Garner
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