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The GCE is a place where everyone stands on equal ground. Whether you are new to a fandom or have been a Sherlockian for years, you’ve found your place here. If you don’t know what comic to look for on the rack at your local store, we can help you. Maybe you need a place to discuss the last Walking Dead episode because your friends don’t understand how much you loved that character, but we do.

We are a team of writers who do this because we are passionate about building cosplay, the art we love in comic books, or our favorite Netflix binges. Our mission is to bring you the articles you deserve, and the news you need right now (Yeah, we went there). We cover conventions, bring you interviews with your favorite artists and actors, feature cosplayers and keep you updated on the vast world of geeky entertainment. Our unique, worldwide team unites geeks from all over and whether you are a Padawan or a level 63 Tiefling Shadow Assassin, we’ve got something for everyone.

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    The GCE was created when a big brother believed so much in the abilities and aspirations of his little sister that he gifted her with a with a domain name for a website for Christmas, 2012. It was then that Geek Chic Elite was created. Originally a team of a writer and a photographer, the website has grown into something bigger than we could have ever imagined, and it was all because someone gave us the power to have a voice and follow our dreams. Now with multiple writers, we cover everything from cosplay and conventions to news, reviews and video games. We want to be your one-stop website where you can get your geeky fill on all of your interests all at once. You can read opinion and interest pieces from our writers and discover new shows, films and games to share with friends and family. You’ll get the most recent news through our Twitter and Facebook feeds and you can discuss everything from your favorite television shows to comic books and beyond with fellow fans and our writing staff. We’re always at conventions to meet our fans, bring you interviews, cosplay photos and more!
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