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Gelsenkirchen Blog
- Thoughts from the vibrant metropolis on the Emscher.
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    - Thoughts from the vibrant metropolis on the Emscher.
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    The Gelsenkirchen Blog is the first blog in Gelsenkirchen's "Gelsenkirchen". It has been online since 2003. Gelsenkirchen Blog devotes itself to focus the image of the city of Gelsenkirchen and filled along this thematic strand categories: Gelsenkirchen, city marketing, GE of 2010. In addition, the Gelsenkirchen published blog opinions and comments on social questions that go beyond the specific local terms and everyday situations to pick up (categories: General, Society). The Gelsenkirchen blog reaches and rising 5000-11000 different visitors (unique visitors) per month, which is quite remarkable for a niche blog with thematic focusing. Demographic data on readership are not available. The readership of blogs in general and of city blogs in particular, is considered very knowledgeable and curious regarding what is happening in their city. A scientific study at the University of Karlsruhe, which also includes the Gelsenkirchen blog has been taken into account, shows the following results: The majority of readers is its location-based Internet reading on "new in their environment" (75 percent) attention or discovered messages that are not to be found in other media (74 percent). This value is similar to that in the conducted in 2004 by Copeland Interview, failed their results more clearly. 80 percent said finding messages that they otherwise may not discover (Copeland 2005) (see. Goebbels, M .: Place blogs and city wikis as an expression of regional identity in Web 2.0. An author and user survey on web projects with location reference. Master Thesis on Institute for Regional Science of the University of Karlsruhe. 2009.) In addition, the Gelsenkirchen blog the administration of the city of Gelsenkirchen and Gelsenkirchen political scene is well known. If you want to be positioned in the vicinity of these readers, you should think about an advertisement in Gelsenkirchen blog. formats: Blog Button (125 x 125px, .gif / .jpg) rectangle (300 x 250, .swf / .gif / .jpg) Skyscraper (160 x 600, .swf / .gif / .jpg) Special formats on request. To that extent you are interested, please send us an email. Immediately you will receive a detailed price list. The prices are plus. VAT. A minimum stay is not. The advertising placements are redeemable monthly. PR / Press Releases. The Gelsenkirchen blog would be about the sending of relevant press releases. A claim to the publication does not exist. Moreover, it is expressly not possible opinions in Gelsenkirchen Blog buy . In Gelsenkirchen blog to find any purchased item. If you believe the Gelsenkirchen blog to report on you or your product, so make up but before please. Should the Gelsenkirchen blog reports, this coverage is always free . Opening PR. If you are one of the brave people who found a livelihood in Gelsenkirchen, so please let us know the Gelsenkirchen blog. We report on your business even with image and free for the opening day. However, even here there is no entitlement to coverage.
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