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Publisher: girl. Inspired. - sewing, recipes, crafts and party inspiration
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    Publisher: girl. Inspired. - sewing, recipes, crafts and party inspiration
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    The Girl. Inspired. blog was started in 2009 by me, Stef. Just after my third (and youngest) daughter was born, I desired a method of documenting not only our everyday stories, but specifically, the handmade projects and home improvements our family tackles and this blog was born. Girl. Inspired. has grown into a site rich with tutorials, how-tos, recipes, craft projects, sewing projects and patterns, party inspiration, and everyday life discussions. I really couldn’t have ever imagined the great sense of community and friendship that would develop from writing a blog. When I step back and look at my life, I am so blessed to not only have a healthy, amazing family, but also to be doing what I love to do every single day – enriching the lives of my children by teaching them, crafting with them, and showing them how this mom finds time to do what she’s passionate about. Advertise on Girl. Inspired. Girl. Inspired. is now accepting sponsors! Thank you so much for your interest! Girl. Inspired. is a growing blog full of sewing, baking, decorating, and celebration inspiration. With over 175,000 page views per month, and visitors from across the globe, Girl. Inspired. hosts a fun collection of projects, products, and ideas that are of interest to many. Female readers of all ages, particularly those passionate about sewing, decorating, party planning, homemaking, and motherhood, find topics of interest and inspiration at Girl. Inspired. If you think that your business or product would be a good fit for Girl. Inspired. readers, I’d love to discuss sponsorship opportunities with you! There are a number of ways that you can advertise here at Girl. Inspired. including a side-bar ad linked to your site, product giveaways, and product reviews!
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