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    I'm a girl deeply driven by passion in all that I do. Fashion industry talent scout by day and writer/blogger by...well, always! My philosophy in life is, if I'm going to spend time doing it...I want to enjoy every second! It all started in 2010 with my original blog The culmination of many enthusiastic conversations about where to get a killer milkshake or how chasing down this particular food truck was especially worth it because of XYZ...I was encouraged to create an outlet for my edible discoveries. girlloveslife is a collection of all the things in life that truly make me happy. Great food, traveling to new and familiar places, discovering a fresh perspective and the little things that sometimes flit by so quickly but provoke thought, inspire new direction...or just make you smile. Here, I am able to capture these moments in time as well as share them with you. If something is beyond incredible and causes frequent daydreams, that's what I'm writing about ♥
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