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Publisher: Giveaway Bandit | Product, Travel Reviews and Giveaways
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Giveaway Bandit is an award winning family friendly product review and giveaway blog.

The Giveaway Bandit is a Midwestern seven year old that absolutely loves the camera! He brings us the best in product video reviews and giveaways! Giveaway Bandit is a family friendly blog offering video product reviews, free samples, giveaways, and daily deals.

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    Publisher: Giveaway Bandit | Product, Travel Reviews and Giveaways
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    Giveaway Bandit consists of me, Mom (in the real world my name is Melanie Kampman), and my son known as the Giveaway Bandit. I am 34 years old and my husband and I have been married for 10 years. Our son, we’ll call him the Bandit, is an 8 year old aspiring actor/third grader who loves to sing just about anything, talk (this boy could talk all night), huge fan of StampyLongNose (check out his Stampy Cat song he wrote and sang), the outdoors and farm life. I’m sure you’ve noticed in his review videos that he’s quite the witty boy (he gets that from Dad). That’s right, we live on a farm (Northern Missouri – nearly in Iowa). We actually live on my grandparents farm they worked very hard to build but sadly they both passed away recently. We were super close to them both and miss them dearly. Just a few short rolling hills away live my parents (the Bandit’s grandparents – that’s Grandma-ma and Pa to him) on a farm. So we enjoy daily visits from them – well, I mean walk-ins. You know when someone walks in and hollers your name. Yep, that’s my Dad. We recently installed a security system so that has helped on unexpected walk-ins. Well, it works until they are given the code to turn it off! So, we also have a large cow bell on the door that alerts us and the cats hit it when they want out. Yeah, cats are smart… remember that! Besides the Giveaway Bandit, I also work with my Dad at his insurance business, do online marketing, web design, development, run the Bandit around, take care of my husband (it seems he can’t remember how to pick up a sock, a plate or anything in the house – hahaha) and work on the farm. We raise cattle, horses, a bunch of ducks and chickens and a whole slew of cats. Thanks to my mom I have an obsession with game cams. They are all over our yard. I set them every where to not only catch thieves but to catch our chickens and ducks on camera. I put together the fun video below. This is pretty much what our ducks days consist of and they have a lot of fun. I love cats. I love chickens. I love my horses. I love the farm life. Did I mention how much I love cats? Okay, I love any animal. I am really looking hard to add some dairy goats to the mix because it’s obvious I have too much time on my hands… I was being sarcastic! bandit hay working on the farm, fly down and everything – that’s just how we roll If you know anything about living on a farm, there is never a time you aren’t doing something. You are lucky to watch that favorite weekly show or schedule a few nights away. It just doesn’t happen especially during hay season or calving season. So if I get to go to a blog conference it is a miracle. You just have to be home. So, that’s why we’re in the process of starting Farm News for Kids (we also post on our other blog DIY Insanity when we have time). It will show you our life on the farm and help you learn more about the lifestyle. The Giveaway Bandit is not based off of a cowboy, although many seem to think that. The character is actually based off of one of my son’s absolute favorite movies SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT hence the reason he started his videos with using a cb and saying over and out. Why we started The Bandit has always been fond of helping me work with computers and creating videos. I found a fun way for him to express himself on YouTube with product reviews while learning valuable lessons. Honestly, it started out just for fun. We didn’t realize companies would start contacting us to review their products. It was just crazy. We could not believe it. We quickly became a popular YouTube channel, review and giveaway site. I remember one of our first reviews was on Country Bob’s Sauce. It is so fun to watch it a few years later. Within a few weeks of launch companies were sending us product and hiring us to transform their social media through high traffic giveaways, social networks and promotional posts. And the rest is history… What we do We approach all reviews and promotions with creativity and passion. We create videos, tweets, share on Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest and create blog posts – you name it, we do it. We let our fans experience what we experience by promotion through our social media networks. We aren’t just a blog. We also specialize in social media and online marketing. Looking to increase interaction on Facebook or Twitter? Want to increase activity and engagement on Pinterest? That’s where we help you. We have partnered with some of the most innovative companies and brands to build a larger online presence for them through social media. We want to do the same for you. Our social media presence speaks for itself. We promote. Our fans listen. Get your products in the hands of the Bandit and he’ll give you an honest review! Giveaway Bandit has experienced extensive growth over the past two years. We have a successful social media team of influential bloggers and have worked on many very exciting brand campaigns including recent work with the Old Spice campaign “Smellcome to Manhood” and interviewed celebrity Andrea Rosen of Nickelodeon’s Take Me To My Mother. We have also been featured on Retail Me Not’s blog The Real Deal. Giveaway Bandit was a winner and finalist in the 2012 and 2013 StartUp Nation Leading Moms in Business Competitions among thousands of entrants. over and out
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