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    Hey, what’s up? I’m Adam Bryan, the founder of Gluten Free Guide HQ (and Urban Tastebuds), and if you ever asked yourself: “What restaurants offer gluten free options?” “Are there any restaurants that almost eliminate the risk of cross-contamination?” “What on earth can I eat at McDonalds, Taco Bell, or any other fast food restaurant?” “Since I’m a Celiac, can I eat out safely?” “How can I eat at a restaurant comfortably without getting sick?” “Where can I get a juicy cheeseburger on a freshly baked bun?” Or if you’ve ever just needed to just get awesome, trustworthy gluten free dining information… …You’re in the RIGHT place! Eating out can be hard…I make it easier Gluten free dining is so difficult. Most restaurants never list their gluten free options, the waiters/waitresses have no clue what a gluten free diet is, and the chefs sometimes never know how to prepare a gluten free meal without cross contamination. This can make eating out for you literally impossible. But that’s where this website comes in. I decided to help you gluten free foodies out by listing complete gluten free menus from almost all major eating establishments. You will discover gluten free menus from most major fast food and table-service restaurants across the U.S. Fast Food Table Service Restaurants Dessert, Drinks, & Sweets Plus, you’ll get some killer dining tips as well as some awesome gluten free restaurant guides that I know will help make eating out GF a whole lot easier for you. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list and get new menus every week. Essentially, I’m just your gluten free restaurant middle man. I researched and discovered all the gluten free restaurant menus available and I brought them all to one, easy to navigate, straightforward website- just for you. And here’s why I do it. About Adam Bryan I’m Adam Bryan and I’m all about one thing- helping people out by solving problems. You see I’m a HUGE foodie. I just love to eat so much. It’s safe to say that it’s pretty much my life. Believe it or not, it just hurts me that folks with gluten allergies and intolerances can’t enjoy eating out. But most importantly, they can’t enjoy the beauty of food. You see, the risk of cross-contamination is sky high and even some of the choices that are gluten free are just so mediocre. Being the foodie I am, I needed to find a way to help my gluten free foodies out. Then came the birth of GlutenFreeGuideHQ.com :)
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