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Going Lo-Co is a blog about what happens when trying to lower my cholesterol without meds. It is not all about medical facts and figures. Rather, it's about HOW to change what I eat - while still feeding a family... and the funny things that happen along the way.

It's about Going Lo-Co without going loco.

Please visit my Going Lo-Co blog at www.golowcholesterol.com. And you can easily find updates via Facebook: just search for GoLowCholesterol on Facebook to find the 'fan' page.

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    About My name’s Karen Swanson and I was a chocolate/ice-cream-aholic with a newly diagnosed high-cholesterol problem. Now I’m adapting. OK, coping. Originally, I thought the fact that I exercise a fair amount and keep my weight in check was enough. That because I am pretty fit meant I could have my truly-not-enormous bowl Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream every night without too much guilt. Apparently, not so much. My cholesterol, which hovered at the 200 mark for years, had finally swung into danger territory, and my doctor wanted to put me on a statin. I wanted to blame peri-menopause. Or my bad genes (high cholesterol runs in my family). But I can’t. Well I can, but no longer can I deny that my ‘not the best’ eating habits have got to go. My teenage son was concerned. His vegetable repertoire consists solely of broccoli and he is not interested in expanding. My husband’s palate is far more extensive so he did not share the same concern. He is supportive as long as not too much eggplant is involved. So here’s to hoping that I can continue to overhaul how I eat and how I cook for my family without having to spend hours and hours every day planning or shopping… And that the meals I come up with will work for all 3 of us — an interesting challenge with the broccoli-only kid who is legitimately allergic to lettuce… And that this new way of eating, once I figure it out, will be enough to keep the statins at bay… And that writing will help me figure all this out without losing my mind. For more about me…like where I went to school (Bucknell and Harvard Business School) and my professional marketing background (Procter & Gamble, Pfizer/Warner-Lambert, VC backed internet startup) please visit my business site, www.nausetpartners.com.
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