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Broadcast Purpose: Guncel61.Co news site; Trabzon, domestic and on the internet, as in every environment of Trabzon informative living abroad to support the initiative to learn, enlightening, stimulating and educational publications news ... Knowledge, Document and Archives Usage:

Guncel61.Co news site; Republic of Turkey to the news published by the national news agency, the news is distributed to subscribers by world news agencies, news produced by its news staff, as well as specifying Trabzon source of news produced by local media elements and information to its readers by adding original comments. Following this publication, otherwise hard news events related to the correction, if necessary, news, photos and undertakes to remove the image of the publication. It loudness and Publishing Participants: Guncel61.Co news site; Their views to the reader by adding the panel review reader located under each news to share ideas and thoughts about the news published the reader with the public, the public offer to share the opportunity to reflect all points of view about different opinions and issues. Truthfulness, honesty is an unalterable principle: Guncel61.Co news site; Apply in all news published by publishing an accurate and honest principles. It does not publish lies and biased news. Events examining all aspects, leads to the formation of the correct public perception. Respect the Right of reply: Guncel61.Co news site; The allegations and accusations, exercise the right of reply to the parties the opportunity to provide the fastest and most accurate. Unprejudiced approach: Guncel61.Co news site; Until the presentation of the research of news free of every stage of bias, exhibits obsession approach. Reliability: Guncel61.Co news website, the responsibility for the self-esteem needed and work to maintain that trust. Guncel61.Co custom policies in question; The interests of the Republic of Turkey is a party. Said; The interests of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey is a party. Said; Turkey is a party to the nation's interests. Such; Trabzon is the party's interests. Such; Trabzonspor is a party to the interests. Such; Our flag is a party. Said; If our national unity and togetherness is a party. Said; Independence and our freedom is the side while. Important Note: Site resource specifying published may arise due to the news as the source of the legal problems of institutions, organizations or persons responsible. Source specifying published the news, guncel61.co site and only to correct the news, other than to publish the truth and or removed from the site no legal responsibility can not be accepted. the text in the corner of the authors reflect their own personal views, but not interfere in any way with the author of the article along with the views of some authors may be contrary to the general view of the site. we ask you to evaluate the framework of this subject freedom of expression.

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