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Publisher: GunsSaveLife.com | We Defend Your Right to Defend Yourself
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    Publisher: GunsSaveLife.com | We Defend Your Right to Defend Yourself
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    Advertising is available in three locations on GunsSaveLife.com. Option #1: The first option is the block of banner ads in the upper right corner of each page. Advertisers can buy 1, 2, or even numbered multiple slots at $25 per slot per month, payable within 30 days of ad submission. Vertical placement will be in the order in which orders are received, except for single panel ads which may slide up to fill an open slot above a multi-panel ad. Option #2: There is also a new block of ads below the calendar listing and control panels on each page. These blocks will be sold on a similar basis and size to the upper right blocks, only the price will be $10 per panel per month. We guarantee these rates for up to June 2014 and are going to increase those ad rates effective July 1, 2014 as our traffic has increased markedly from when we began to include these ads. These banner will appear on every page and are independent of advertisements published in GunNews Magazine. Option #3: This option is a blog post (left column articles) advertising a service, product, or event. These left-hand column entries usually have a “front page” life of 2-4 days, depending on how active we are and how much news and information is happening in the world. Full page advertisers in GunNews are offered one of these if they ask for it as a courtesy, complimentary. There is also an option for a “GunNews” column entry for $100 each. This “middle column” has a “front page” life of 2-4 weeks, and is chiefly composed of local origination articles reprinted from GunNews or other important items.
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