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Guyanese Sista
Publisher: Natural Hair Fashion Handbags Lifestyle DIY
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    Publisher: Natural Hair Fashion Handbags Lifestyle DIY
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    Guyanesesista.com is a brand friendly blog based in New York. I am currently open to collaborating with big, medium, and small businesses regarding events, brand ambassadorship, reviews, giveaways, advertising, and blog/event sponsorship opportunities. This can involve local as well as travel opportunities. Additionally Guyanesesista.com is open to features, guest posts and fellow blogger collaborations. Collaboration possibilities include: Fashion - clothing, accessories, services Hair - products and services Beauty - products and services Bloggers - fashion, hair, beauty, lifestyle, events, photography, etc Advertising - Giveaways. Ad space is available. Email Julian@Guyanesesista.com for more information. Photography & videography, modeling, etc. Other appropriate products and services. Don't be afraid to ask. We just might be able to work together. Brand Ambassadorships Shecky’s - Shecky's Girls' Night Out Factory 360 - Digicel CURA Massage & Physical Therapy - Loc Appreciation Day 2013 FashPlus.com - Full Figure Fashion Week. Guyanesesista is the New York Brand Ambassador & an Advisory Panelist for Fash Plus. Email me at Julian@Guyanesesista.com if you are interested in working with me or if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for visiting.
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