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Amateur (Ham) radio website with information for those who want to be a ham radio operator, new ham and general information for the seasoned ham radio operator. License Study Material, Practice tests, practice code, antenna design, lots of ham radio info for all.
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Ham radio/Amateur radio has something fun for everyone. Ham Radio is well known as a most important communications backup for our Federal Government in times of emergency. If you have ever heard severe weather reports from "trained spotters" on a TV or radio station weather alert, hams are usually those trained spotters sometimes risking their lives to help warn the public of dangerous weather ahead. They are not paid for this service! NOAA weather stations usually have ham radio operators and equipment on board at you local weather station to monitor the "spotter ham radio frequencies" so they can get the severe weather reports out to the public much faster. Many "eyes" on the ground are much better than radar in many cases and licensed "hams" volunteer their time, equipment and expert techniques to provide this service to their community and surrounding areas.

Weathermen will tell you that the weather radar is limited in the outer areas of the radar coverage, so this is where real eyes on the ground, trained spotters, can save lives by reporting back to the weather service office via ham radio, not cell phones which may be dead, about severe weather that may be heading your way...far in advance of the actual radar picking up the bad weather!

When "hams" are not participating in emergency communications, they enjoy just listening and talking to other licensed "hams" nearby and worldwide along with experimenting with radio communications of all types. To become part of this, you must show to the Federal Government that you have the training and skills by passing an exam to get licensed. You don't have to volunteer as a trained spotter like many hams do, but if you want to give back to your community, you would be welcomed to join the ranks of weather spotters.

Amateur Radio operators are people from all walks of life--no matter what age, gender or physical ability. Did you know that most of the NASA astronauts are Amateur Radio Operators? You're never too young or old. There is no age requirement! And, getting started in Amateur Radio has never been easier!

Now, you no longer have to learn Morse Code to get your first Ham Radio License, the Technician Class license, as in years past! Just pass a 35 question multiple choice written exam given by volunteer Ham Radio Operators who want you to pass your exam and become one of them and you're on your way!

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    Amateur (Ham) radio website with information for those who want to be a ham radio operator, new ham and general information for the seasoned ham radio operator. License Study Material, Practice tests, practice code, antenna design, lots of ham radio info for all.
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    First and foremost, we do NOT rotate ads here! Your ad on the main antenna projects page will be seen about 500,000 times per year on average! It is always visible every time the page loads in your browser. It is never rotated with other companies! We do not rotate ads on any page on Hamuniverse.com. We now offer text linking! See details and important announcement below! Hamuniverse.com is a general Ham Radio Information web site tailored to ALL classes of ham radio operators worldwide. It has a targeted audience for any business (commercial or individual) dealing with ham radio, shortwave, or most any radio communications related products. Since the year 2001, Hamuniverse.com, has received over 29 million page views and it's worldwide viewer exposure is increasing daily. Hamuniverse.com is seen and used by Amateur Radio Operators, antenna builders, shortwave radio fans, radio scanner buffs and many others interested in the world of radio communications. Our "Antenna Projects" page alone has averaged about 1,000,000 page views per year since 2001! Your ad on the "Antenna Projects" page will be seen thousands of times per year (actually 100's of thousands) by targeted viewers! We DO NOT rotate ads. Your ads are always visible on the page in the same location each time the visitor comes back to that page ....repeat....we do not rotate your ads with others! So if you expect to see your ad banner displayed on the "major" ham sites that rotate ads, every time you or anyone visits it, odds are it won't be displayed! Comparing our site with those who rotate ads! According to our test research, most of the other popular ham radio sites display your ad about 1 time out of 50 to 60 page loads (depending on the number of ads they share in the same space), which equals about 20,000 displays of your ad out of 1,000,000 page loads as an example. If you were advertising on Hamuniverse.com, your ads could have been displayed.....1,000,000, times! 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Ods are, you will get tired reloading before you see that same ad again! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hamuniverse.com contains hundreds of pages that are linked to us by many thousands of ham radio web sites from around the world! We have a major number of "newbies" who visit the site to get the valuable information they want and need that they can't seem to find easily on the "other" web sites. We also have a large amount of viewers that are asking questions and getting answers, that they can't find elsewhere easily...and they keep coming back for more! We can be found easily by searching on Google or most popular search engines using the words, ham radio information or amateur radio information, hf antenna projects, ham radio antennas, ham radio antenna projects and many more search terms related to ham radio and radio communications. Our main attraction is our antenna projects page along with other pages that are almost as popular. We have projects and articles from many published authors including a full online book about basic antennas that is loaded with information and we are constantly adding new pages loaded with information for hams of all classes. Just do a search on Google for hf antenna projects, ham radio antennas, antenna projects or most any combination of those terms and you will see that we are listed on the first page of Google results and usually within the top 1 to 5 on the results! If a new ham or more experienced ham is looking for such things as, ham radio information, ham radio license information, hf antenna projects, 2 meter antenna projects, as search terms in Google, chances are he will find on the first page of the results with one or more result links listed that direct him to a page on Hamuniverse.com! Contributors and authors to our antenna projects and other articles are from around the world! So you can see that Hamuniverse.com over a period of years has grown and become very popular. No, it does not have the numbers that eham or QRZ have, but it provides entirely different CONTENT and INFORMATION they don't have that is easy to find! Hamuniverse.com is NOT a member only type web site. It is free to anyone, especially Amateur Radio Operators or those interested in Amateur Radio and radio communications. You will also notice that there are NO LOGINS! Hamuniverse.com is totally 100% free access to all. If you are in the business of selling antennas, antenna supplies, ham radio equipment and related products that may be of interest to the ham radio operators or others with an interest in radio communications, you should get much more exposure to your products and services by advertising on the Hamuniverse antenna projects page along with any other ham radio related products that would be appropriate on other pages on the site! The viewers of Hamuniverse.com come here for specific information and not just to check a call sign or classified ads! So if you are interested in putting your advertising on Hamuniverse.com to help increase YOUR exposure to more viewers and prospective customers...then read on! Is there a best time of the year to advertise on Hamuniverse.com to reach the most ham radio viewers? Yes, we think so! According to our web site stats based over a one year average period, the graph below will show the results
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