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    Advertise With Us This page was updated on 18. Thank-you for your interest in sponsoring one or more of the blogs in the HART-Empire Network. Generally speaking, there are two ways to advertise with us. Short-Term Advertising For 2013 .. you may contact either Text-Link-Ads.com or Linkworth.com and request specifically for assistance to place ads on any of our sites. Short-term advertising rates are determined by algorithms and/or market demands and could change at any moment, and currently range between $15 per month and $50 month for a text link on all pages in the sidebar. Advertising campaigns are on a month-to-month basis, and advertisers deal with these companies directly – who act on our behalf – and pay them. Generally speaking, you might find prices a little higher at Linkworth, but in addition to a text link .. because you can add 2-3 descriptive lines of text. However, that is not always the case. Long-Term Advertising For 2013 .. you may contact us directly to place ads on any of our sites. Long-term advertising rates generally reflect similar pricing to that for short-term rates. The major differences are that you deal directly with us. Currently, we are offering 4 terms of packages: * 1 Month Plan – Pay for 1 month – banner ads only (text links see above) * 3 Month Plan – Pay for 3 months – get 4 months advertising * 6 Month Plan – Pay for 6 months – get 8 months advertising * 9 Month Plan – Pay for 9 months – get 12 months advertising * 12 Month Plan – Pay for 12 months – you are good until December 31, 2010 Multiple Blog Sponsorship In addition to the extended periods added to long-term advertiser campaigns .. we wish to offer an incentive to encourage multiple spots around our network, and with our appreciation .. we are pleased to offer you the following discounts: * 15% discount off of all ads (including the first ad) when you sponsor multiple blogs in our network (2 ads or more) * 40% discount off of all ads (including the first ad) if you sponsor ALL blogs in our specific and designated channels or groups: – ALL subdomains of BattlingForHealth.com (13 health sites) – ALL subdomains of AndYouWill.com (13 self improvement/DIY/Info sites) – ALL individual “LVR” sites (7 pet related sites) RATES FOR 2013 – LONG-TERM SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS ONLY Although we generally influence the initial setting pricing for short-term sponsorships, prices are based on market demands and may fluctuate at any given time. In addition, Linkworth and Text-Link-Ads may offer special rates or discounts and promotions that we have no control over. Because they are on a month-to-month basis, we just leave the pricing up to them and the markets. BANNER Advertising – 125 x 125 size There are only 4 slots open for any blog .. and technically – a sponsor could reserve 25% of that space until December 31, 2013! For this reason, we have come up with the following banner pricing: * All Blogs – $70 USD per month TEXT LINK ADVERTISING – Link in the sidebar All sponsored links are featured together in the sidebar, and includes both long-term sponsorship and short-term sponsorship arrangements. For reasons of simplicity, here are the following rates for long-term advertisements in the form of text links: * All Blogs – USD per month to month or term Chances are that in the sidebar in the “friends” section there is a a link for self-service text (and often banner) advertising on each specific blogs that will override any prices mentioned on this page. Please check the links out. You are usually able to purchase anywhere from 1 day to 2 years sponsorship advertising. If there is no link in the sidebar, prices on this page, or “ask and you might get it” pricing applies. If you have any questions .. please do not hesitate to ask. How To Advertise With Us The second best way to get HART’s attention is to use this contact form. Let him know what your requirements are. What are your needs? Do you have any suggestions? Offers? Recommendations?
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