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Harvard Political Review
Publisher: Harvard Political Review — Harvard Talks Politics
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    Publisher: Harvard Political Review — Harvard Talks Politics
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    The Harvard Political Review is America’s preeminent undergraduate journal of politics and public policy. The HPR is written and published entirely by Harvard undergraduates, with help from the Institute of Politics. The first issue of the HPR was published in April 1969 The HPR was founded in 1969 by a group of Harvard College undergraduates. The founders envisioned a publication that allowed students to research, write, and edit political commentary in a thoughtful, non-partisan forum. To this day, the HPR does not take magazine-wide editorial positions. While individual articles have distinct viewpoints, the magazine as a whole does not represent any ideology or party. Advertising Thank you for your interest in advertising with the Harvard Political Review, Harvard University’s only undergraduate political quarterly. Who reads the HPR? The HPR offers direct access to Harvard students training for careers in politics, media, business, medicine, law, academia, and more. Our broad readership includes science, humanities, and social science majors. By advertising an internship or job opportunity with the HPR you will reach motivated, hardworking students from a variety of backgrounds and majors. Who reads the harvardpolitics.com? The HPR’s online edition is read by not only Harvard undergraduates, but also members of the general public–making it a perfect place to advertise your political campaign, website, or blog, as well as high-value merchandise and services. Designed with you in mind. Compared to other Harvard publications, the HPR offers consistently low prices for the amount of exposure it provides. The glossy pages and professional graphics of the magazine will attract attention to your ad. On our website, we can accommodate your needs with a full-color static or interactive banner. Who will see my ad? 75,000+ Unique Website Visitors per Month 6,700 Harvard College Students 3,200 Harvard Graduate Students 3,000 Harvard Faculty Members 300 Domestic and International Subscribers
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