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Healthy. Happy. Life.
Publisher: Healthy. Happy. Life. | Vegan Blog | Vegan Recipes
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    Publisher: Healthy. Happy. Life. | Vegan Blog | Vegan Recipes
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    Kathy grew up in Santa Cruz California, where her passion for healthy, happy living began. She loves sunshine, farmer's markets, working with other entrepreneurs and bloggers, travel, animals, photography, smoothies, her two rescue cats and all things cozy, lovely and inspiring. Kathy graduated with a BS in Health Promotion from American University in Washington DC. Shortly after attending graduate school, she embarked on a bold new path that embraced her passions: wellness, cooking, people, writing, art, animals, travel and business. Kathy's entrepreneurial journey began in 2006, when she created a children's brand called The Lunchbox Bunch. She spent two years in NYC with her husband, illustrating, writing and creating "The Lunchbox Bunch" fruit and veggie characters, and eventually writing three children's books based on her brand. She eventually decided to self-publish the books. The brand was meant to help kids embrace their natural love of healthy foods, specifically fruits and veggies. Along the way, Kathy started a food blog for her brand. Realizing the joy she found from blogging, Kathy's path changed course and she focused all her energy on blogging creative vegan recipes. Today, Kathy is a top vegan food blogger. Her blog Healthy. Happy. Life., LunchboxBunch.com, reaches millions of vegan-curious individuals, each seeking delicious, cravable, fun, inspiring, plant-based recipes and vegan lifestyle advice. Kathy is eager to share her world and personal stories with her readers and fans. Lunchboxbunch.com receives 1.8 million pageviews per month and has over 100,000 twitter followers. It has been nominated several times for "favorite blog" in the VegNews Veggie Awards, among other blogging honors. Kathy has been thrilled to work with a variety of amazing brands and clients. A few years after starting LunchboxBunch.com, Kathy founded FindingVegan.com, a website which allows food bloggers to share their vegan recipe blog posts via an image-based, constantly updated, browse-able photo gallery website. Finding Vegan continues to thrive as more and more people become hungry for a wide variety of vegan recipes! FV has over 260,000 Facebook likes and growing. In 2013 Kathy became an accomplished cookbook author. She wrote and photographed the book 365 Vegan Smoothies, published by Penguin/Avery in July 2013. She is currently working on her second book, Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen, scheduled for release in 2015 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
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