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    Welcome to Helps at Homes. Helps at Homes (HaH) was founded in 2014 as a platform to put a stop to the dangers that families face globally particularly children at the hands of predators who often disguise themselves as domestic workers such as nannies, maids, relatives, drivers and security guards in Nigeria and also globally. We seek to create awareness to families, expatriates and those who have recently relocated back to Nigeria about the importance of having some sort of screening process in place to verify the domestic workers employed in their homes and also the agents utilised to provide such workers. We shall also seek to provide advisory support on how to employ domestic workers and much more. [/box] OUR MISSION To empower families and the general public to make the right decisions when employing domestic workers and to create awareness about the risks that could potentially arise from hiring the wrong person. OUR VISION The vision of Helps at Homes (HaH) is to inform and educate, families and individuals about the importance of not endangering themselves, by ensuring that those employed to work around the home are security screened pre- employment, so as not to pose a threat to the home and particularly to the children whom in some cases have become victims at the hands of predators who often disguise themselves as domestic workers.
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