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    Blog Advertising ( http://www.hergunkampanya.co I ) Banner Advertising: the size 250x250 px area at the bottom of the menu bar at the top of our blog and on the left side of the block in a 160x600 px banner sizes are advertising. These areas are rented on a monthly basis. Campaign news: Hergunkampana.co as my homepage about allowing free participation of our visitors not only can win gift campaigns we publish on the internet for free. Campaigns other than that (shopping, discounts, etc.). We demand a nominal fee to run as a campaign news day. Forum Advertising ( http://forum.hergunkampanya.co I ) Home Banner Advertising: Forum, our only home "Announcements" option is advertising, which can be displayed in rotation in part. Requested it will be charged according to the size of the banner. Messages Between Banner Advertising: our forum for all posts the ad on page 2. 3 kinds of messages that will be displayed with the message. 468x60 banners at 728x90 px px and applies to size. Top Banner Advertising Subject: our forum which will be displayed just below the top navigation menu on all pages and return is the highest kind of advertising. 468x60 banners at 728x90 px px and applies to size. Subject Six Banner Advertising: is the kind of ads that will be displayed at the bottom of the page on all pages on our forum. 468x60 banners at 728x90 px px and applies to size. Mail Advertising: sent via e-mail to our forum members is advertising options. To learn how many people will go to your mail you can see the number of members in the upper right corner of our forums. Joint Campaign (Blog, Forum, includes three channels of Facebook) Companies with gifts to give to our visitors and we aim by organizing joint campaign to promote the company as well as with lower costs. Please e-mail for more information. Note 1: Prices for information about info@hergunkampanya.co I can e-mail to. It is only to be answered by the company authorities yahoo mail, hotmail etc. sent advertising mail of the free offerings from service providers will not be answered. Note 2: The rules should Publication alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco products, drugs, drugs, sexual products, giving chance to play money games (gambling) and so on. advertising and campaigns are not posted on our website.
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