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    About Here’s an attempt to de-mystify us, our blog and answer a few of the zillions of questions we get. Q: Who are Payal and Priyanka? Extremely bitter, complexed, sociopathic loners. Recovering alcoholics too, who happen to fall off the wagon with every alternate post! In all seriousness though, we are two friends who as cheesy as it sounds, have always been passionate about fashion and decided to get vocal. Or is it Blogocal? When we first started blogging back in 07, we found there weren’t too many (dare I even say any) sites that catered to the Desi fashion scene. We quickly came to realize that there were many just like us out there who were looking to discuss and analyze celebrities’ sartorial choices, fashion faux-pas and the general happenings in the fashion industry. We found our niche and decided to call it home. It hasn’t always been easy juggling our own active personal and social lives, day jobs, shopping jaunts and having to blog regularly every single day, but when it’s doing something that you love, it gets done. You make it happen. Q: Why the blog? Why don’t we ever see ‘Hollywood’ stuff on it? This blog came about because we never could really find a ‘Desi-centric’ fashion blog… Not just ‘Bollywood’ but all things ‘Desi’ pertaining to style and fashion make their way onto this site. And why no Hollywood stuff? Really, do we want yet another Hollywood celeb/fashion/daily dish blog? Q: What’s the logo all about? Why the bald lady? Err. We could give you many reasons, even one as complicated as this one: The blog is for the woman who appreciates a classic ‘lbd’ (a symbol of timeless chic), for the woman who can carry off the fieriness of a high heel (a symbol of undisputable sensuality) and for the woman who dares to defy convention, even if it means going bald. Because when it comes to personal style, not everyone wears their hearts on their sleeves being slaves to fashion pundits. And for that woman, High Heel Confidential is an essential style file. And hence, the logo. But the truth of the matter is, after a couple of martinis it’s easy to find logic behind anything. We just loved the image. Period. Q: Why is my comment going into moderation or getting deleted? Because on a slow day, we like to build up Freudian psychological profiles based on comments we don’t like. Nah, just kidding. Actually, you’d blush if you read some of the comments that make their way onto the site, so moderation is necessary. Comments containing the following will not be approved. 1. Botox, plastic surgery related. 2. A person’s body type. (‘Fat’ is not acceptable, but saying ’someone doesn’t dress well for their body type’ is). 3. A person’s personal life is off limits including a person’s conduct/gossip/rumors. 4. A person’s religious beliefs or associations. 5. External links to other sites unless posted by us. 6. Containing remarks about a region, communities, etc. Personal attacks, non-content related malicious comments, abusive language (towards the subject in question, other posters or writers), hate words, insensitive words, possible racist comments, implied or otherwise, and comments that are posted merely to instigate drama will get deleted. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, as are opinions, just not the vile kind. We can handle the heat, (as you might have noticed by the undeleted comments) but lets leave out other posters and subjects in question. The comments have to be civil. Also, outgoing links unless posted by us, will get deleted. How come some comments of mine make it and some don’t? While some comment might have seemed harmless at first pass (to us or to you), can seem offensive to someone who reads it much later. As a rule (like a bar fight), we will unapprove the new and the old comments and any comment that addressed the original one, to keep things fair. Another reason might be, because of multiple posting. When a comment comes in, it comes with its corresponding IP address but often times some users to make their point far more ‘impactful’ might make the same comment in different words with different user names but their IP addresses remain the same…so we know its the same person! Most of the time we let that pass, coz it might be a public computer or in general harmless but when the comments get vindictive or too self-promoting, we approve one or two comments and not the rest. Also, any comments with outgoing links unless posted by us will also not get published. Plus, hey, we own the blog, soooo, guess who has the deciding vote? We use our discretion and be as fair as we possibly can. Q: How come my questions don’t get answered in ‘Letters’? We do the best we can. Sometimes we just don’t know where one can buy a peach ‘anarkali’ in West Virginia. Q: Do you have a personal vendetta against celebrities? Is this blog a way to channel the ‘hate’? Actually no. We just call a spade, a spade. We have never shied away from the ‘compliments’ either. It’s just a look at all things ‘fashion and style’ and if they happen to come under fire, they do. Q: You guys must be two very frustrated and complex’ed individuals, right? Probably. Our better halves and shrinks will attest to it. Q: How come there are no pictures of either of you on the site? Will you show pictures of yourself here so we can see what you look like? Checked Interpol? No. We won’t post pictures of ourselves, only because we are not celebrities. And this blog is about ‘them’! Q: How do we get in touch? Email us at highheel(dot)confidential(at)gmail(dot)com - See more at:
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