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Highway Hypodermics
Publisher: Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nurses Make A Difference, One Hospital At A Time
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    Publisher: Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nurses Make A Difference, One Hospital At A Time
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    We are growing by great leaps and bounds! In January 2003, after being a nurse for 10 years, Epstein decided to venture into travel nursing. Related to the fact that she already had two published romance novels, it was only natural that she started planning a book on travel nursing. At the time there was none to be found! A lot of her information that she found and the lessons that she had learned was the basis of this website. Now, Highway Hypodermics the website averages over 11,000 visits per month with over 33,000 pages viewed, and this number is increasing rapidly! Advertising not only brings you traveling nurses, but contact has been made through national entities as Dr. Phil, CBS Eye On America, Nursing2004, EP Lab Digest, and Johnson & Johnson’s Discover Nursing. It was only after gathering information for two years that she started with her advertising program. The current rate of click per impression average on Google Adsense is 4%; therefore, this should drive approximately 440 potential traveling nurses to your website. If only 4% of those nurses accept an assignment, this would still mean 17 new nurses for your company. The standard referral bonus is anywhere from $250 to $1000; therefore, if through advertising on Highway Hypodermics you obtain ONE nurse, isn't that worth the price? Have you looked at the advertising rates of other websites? Why would you want to pay $400, $600 or $800 per month for advertising when you could get quality hits to your website for only $250/month? and that is BEFORE special discounts!! "Out of all the sites, I receive more “I saw you on Highway Hypodermics” than anything! Thank you so much for your great site." ~Devon Snider Email Epstein For More Information! highwayhypo@ yahoo.com (no space)
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